15 comments on “American Idol 2010

  1. who do u think is qualified to replace Simon? wala talaga akong maisip. Hope the producers can surpirse us on who will replace Simon. Sana they can come up with another “Ellen idea”. Who would’ve thought that Ellen could judge but once they have they have thought of her, we all went “oo nga ‘no?”

  2. I’ll surely miss Simon’s brutal comments when the next season starts w/o him… I’m just hoping that Ellen will pull through and give this AI’s season a new perspective. Can’t wait! Few more hours to go!!!!

  3. I dont’t think it’ll be as good without Simon. Paula? We could live without her. And I know how you feel about Survivor, American Idol and Amazing Race. Those are my threemost favorite shows. Im more excited about Survivor Heroes vs Villains than AmIdol this year.

    Btw, where’s the Bangkok updates?

  4. NOOOO!! i live here in london and i watched the most recent season of x-factor. i don’t like the format. it’s too “manufactured”. the contestants don’t sing with a live band, someone arranges the song for them, they dance and have dancers, etc. you can see the strings being pulled. unlike in AI, the contestants have a say on how they’ll perform on stage, how they want the songs arranged and they sing with a live band, even play their own instruments. for me, the x-factor just wants a pop singer, AI is looking for an artist.

  5. i think the show will somehow survive without him. not as spectacular though,.
    i’m sure the producers won’t allow a total wreck with Simon leaving the show right.,
    atleast they would surely try something to patch it up.

  6. hey… i think its cool if avril lavigne will be one of the guest judges….
    posh spice i watched it last nyt was also a cool judge way too sweet hehe…

  7. idol without simon, is like, the solar system without the sun, indeed.. 🙂 no one can replace him..

    mary j. blige is a good judge, too! looove her! pwede na palitan si kara! di ba sya aalis? lol kidding!

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