20 comments on “We’re Off To Bangkok!

  1. be sure to buy their fresh fruits: longgan, durian, tamarind, lanzones (!) their supermarket prices are okay naman. and you have to get a thai massage!

    where’s your hotel located?

    pratunam area for cheap shopping finds/platinum/MBK (but honestly, it’s just like our greenhills) or Paragon/Central World area for cheaper-prices-than-Manila for name brand stuff. 😀


  2. if you guys are going on a floating market you will be asked if you want to include an elephant ride. great photo ops at the floating market.

    if you get the chance, recommend to them a tour of Muang Boran (Ancient City) – it’s their Nayong Pilipino on a much, much grander scale.

  3. waaaahhh!!! hope to see you guys! i am based here in BKK. i am big fan chico! i enjoy your blogs, pictures and all! 🙂

  4. uu eyes will pop out of their sockets when u see them..seeexxxyyy and really beautiful ladies..errr boys? hhahaha..

  5. hi chico, i’ve been an avid listener of your tandem (with miss delamar) since 12 years ago. i really wanna participate in your show’s top ten or even send some greetings eversince but i just don’t know how to lol! anyways i always enjoy your show, nothing beats the morning rush..and by the way you’re way funnier than delamar but i love her, she’s so pretty..is she aware that she’s pretty? hahaha i bet she is. a quick mention of my name over the radio on tues when you get back from thailand wouldn’t hurt mr.chico! hahaha ‘love you both! -elmoski

  6. Welcome back, Chico!
    I really hope you, Delle and the rest of the RX Jocks enjoyed Bangkok. Me, I LOOOOVEEEE Bangkok. Been there 3 times, 2 of which is for work but thanks to a local Thai who became a dear friend, I enjoyed each trip and really made it memorable. I still plan to go back. My mission is not yet accomplished: meet, experience and have photos with the elephants (or at least an elephant). So I wish you get your mission of having pictures with them and the ladyboys. But like me, you can always go back, explore and take more pictures ^_^

    Looking forward seeing your BKK photos here 😉

    BTW, did you know that camera accessories are cheaper in BKK. I think there’s a mall there for all gadgets and accessories. Been avoiding it, might commit sin… hihihi.

    Take cake!

  7. I’m just curious…why were Danielle, Gelli and Cerah left behind? Did you guys draw straws or something to see who has to stay?

    • Hi Lesley.

      I heard in one of the ladies, Danielle I think, that those left had previous engagement/events to attend to prior to the planning of the BKK trip. That’s why the had to stay and somehow kept the ship (RX station) sailing 😉

      Am I right, Chico? Ü

  8. Hi Chico! Where are Delle’s photos eating the famous giant Balimbing? Ü I was listening that day and I’m laughing my heart out while you two talking about the shot… Take care!

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