45 comments on “Fireworks “Art” (2010)

  1. i hate you and your camera chico waaaaaaa!!!! ano ba ang cheapest na camera na maganda kumuha? grabe inggit na inggit ako 😛

  2. i’ve never seen anyone who can take pictures of fireworks like so beautiful as these! very well emphasized ang bawat kuha..grabe ang kargada ng camera mo ‘dre! haneps! wooooooooooo!

  3. Chico! Yet another amazing collection of your photos! Pro na pro na talaga! 😀

    BTW, i got a Canon EOS500D for Christmas. Yiiii. Joining in the bandwagon (an expensive one at that!). I took up photography classes in college cos it’s part of my course but now i’m ‘nangangapa’ na ulit with this freakin DSLR. Hehe!

    Anyway, could you share what ISO, aperture and shutter speed you used with these photos? I’m waiting for the pyrolympics to start again so i could practice with my new baby. 🙂

  4. great and amazing pictures….congratulations
    so , i am a amateur photographer, i am living on south america ,
    could you teach us about your technique?
    any filter, or lens or any type of digital slr camera?
    i know it does exist ..yeah the proffesional secret…
    but please,,,give me a chance
    bye bye

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  6. hi chico, my boyfriend also likes photography and he was amazed with your pictures…it’s so beautiful!!

  7. Happy New Year, Chico! Great pix of something larger than life that seem so hard to capture on paper. 😀

  8. they’re all so beautiful!! 🙂

    i like how you were even able to capture the star-like effects of the fireworks! very good!!

  9. hey chico… what settings did you use for your shots?
    i tried using BULB mode for the shutter speed, f/8.0, and used auto focus…
    but most of my shots show the smoke from the fireworks 😦
    do you have any tips?

  10. hi chico…

    congratulations to making it to the wordpress homepage….i’m an on again, off again silent rusher (parang double dead ang dating!) that’s why i know of your blog. was looking for a good wallpaper and when i can’t find one of anne geddes and from national geographic, i remembered you take god pics so i took a chance and went to your site. true enough i found one that i liked. its the first pic coz the fireworks’ colors are my fave colors. so thanks and congratulations. you really rock! i hope you don’t mind me “taking” one of the pics and making it my wallpaper….

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