33 comments on “Eaten Alive

  1. i agree with you, this is so sad. what if, in an alternate universe, humans naman ang lower life form at tayo naman ang i-prito ng mga isda? i remember, when we were still little kids and nauso among the boys yung labanan ng mga gagamba. my kuya had several matchboxes (as in kahon ng posporo) as kulungan ng gagamba. he was only 7 years old then and our mom made him quit the hobby by telling him, “paggising mo bukas, ikaw naman ang ikakahon ng mga gagamba at paga-away-awayin kayo ng mga kalaro mo.” hehehe.

  2. What happen in this world? How come that this happen? It’s unnecessary! Let’s stop this! Wake up guy’s!

    Where is the love!

    Oh God, please forgive this sinner’s!

  3. Grabe naman talaga…can you eat a fish who stares at you while gasping air to breathe…
    Very cruel…on your next life…baka iprito din kayo ng buhay….Akala ko TAO yung mga COOK…di pala…

  4. poor poor fish…and snake…and whatever animal they’re eating O_O
    i hope PETA does something about this huhuhuhuhu

  5. I hate them….. i don’t know kung anong merong utak ang mga taong ito…
    I hate them…na aawa talaga ako… kainis…wala akong magawa…

  6. this video will give me nightmares.. this reminds me of junko furuta’s story, a 12 year old kid who was kidnapped and tortured to death for 44 days…

  7. Stop whining. Para namang ‘di n’yo alam kung ano ang “balut” at “bagoong”.

    For some reason, I find that video amusing, I even wonder if it’s more delectable than “wholly cooked” ones. Hehe. Nakakagutom tuloy. ‘wag kayong maarte, kabilang na ata ‘yan sa kultura nila. That’s art. Their art.

    But don’t get me wrong guys, I like animals, as a matter of fact, I’d rather see WHINY CONYO KIDS getting run over by a huge-A$s ten-wheeler than a poor little street mutt.

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