29 comments on “The Best And The Rest 206

  1. #32 reminds me of someone. When I was job-hunting early this year, one of the employees in a company I applied in said, “Uy UP ka RIN?” Key word: RIN. So syempre di ba I assumed na she’s from UP so I said, “Yep, sa Diliman, ikaw?” And then she replied, “Ah nagturo ako sa isang pre-school sa loob ng UP Campus…” lol 😀

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  3. #19 Dru – People with expensive laptops hanging out at Starbucks, pero pag tinignan mo, Friendster lang ang sinu-surf.
    ~~ andami kong nakikitang ganito, naka-Macbook, pero nasa Facebook and Youtube naman sila. Tapos, yung tall mocha frap nila, tunaw na ang ice, di pa ubos. duh. hehe!

  4. #19 Dru – People with expensive laptops hanging out at Starbucks, pero pag tinignan mo, Friendster lang ang sinu-surf.

    Bakit kaya pang jologs na ang dating ng FS ngayon? kahit na nagbago na sila ng mukha…alal FB?
    Twiiter & FB Rulez!!!

    Dami pa din akong kaibigan na hindi pa ngswitch sa FB..loyal FS pa din sila…

  5. ‘We had an officemate who always had the latest gadget like ipod and laptop, pero laging hinihimatay sa gutom. Apparently she’s stopped eating just to keep up her lifestyle.’

    — haha, ditto! guilty as charged! siyempre, you have to save on some things to splurge on other things, right??

    • I have a friend who would save his allowance and skip lunch just to buy Magic cards. To compensate, he’d opt to eat late lunch at his house.

    • I think this is normal and all people I know do this. I also have Vista on myu Macbook which runs using VM Ware (some use boot camp and parallels).

      The thing is, almost all offices use Windows.

      In our case, when we are out of the office, we can access our office desktop using Citrix which works way better on Windows compared to OSX and Linux.

      Apple also advertises that their MacBook (Pro) is the best computer to run Windows.

      • ay naku..paniwalaan mo ang gusto mong paniwalaan..bahala ka sa buhay mo! basta ako..solve na sa DOS saka sa Windows 3.11 for workgroups! ahahahaha!

    • well, maybe because the person thought that Windows XP is more USER friendly (on that person’s perspective) than OSX? cause frankly, OSX is confusing, for me anyway 😛 i prefer a macbook with windows 7. cause a macbook on OSX can be termed as a “dumb blonde” pretty on the outside, waste of time on the inside.

      just saying.

      • ikaw pala poser…have you really used OSX? ikaw lang kasi nag sasabi nyan…

        once you go mac…you’ll never go back

  6. I know someone who spent nearly a million (as publicized) for their wedding. Flat out impractical. She’s not filthy rich to begin with. Dream weddings, at times, should remain a dream wedding.

  7. #31 BLAIR – So anu anong model ng mobile phones lang ba dapat gumamit ng prepaid na SIM?
    I don’t see anything wrong with using prepaid sim in any type of phone so long as it’s working there… ikaw ang poser. it’s one’s way of having self discipline with regards to mobile phone expense. So you have to know there is nothing wrong with using prepaid sim in whatever phone model.

  8. #31 Blair – You have an iPhone…pero prepaid naman.

    How can one be a poser if they DO have an iPhone yet they’re on prepaid?

    >>> cause well, like Potpot, the person who commented before me, i DO have an iPhone, but I’m on prepaid. Care for a logical explanation?

  9. #31: Onga. Wala naman problem kung prepaid ka eh. Usually naman kasi it’s hard to apply for post-paid lalo kung student ka. Siguro kung laging walang load lol. Although some are too tamad to make paload kaya wala sila load lagi haha. Like me :))

  10. #31: i have an iphone and i am on prepaid? Pano ako naging poser? Anong logical explanation nun?

    ako rin. eh sa pinadalhan ako ng kapatid ko eh. Sayang naman kung di gagamitin.

  11. people can wear whatever shirt they want even without knowing the history of whos ever in it.
    people can buy any dlsr, macbook or any shiny stuff they want if they can afford it.
    people can use a starbucks mug for whatever coffee he wants.

    you cant say only iron maiden fans should wear iron maiden shirts.
    you cant say only photo gurus should buy dslrs.

    then again people can write anything they want.
    people can say whatever they want.

    we are all posers at some point.

  12. I think Blair is referring to those people who buys expensive cellphones just to look cool or sosy.

    kasi I had a classmate before, laging bago cellphone niya pero di ka niya kayang reply-an kasi it’s either wala siyang load or “other network” ka. LMAO.

  13. there’s a difference with people who flaunt and don’t flaunt.

    kumbaga, okay na yung mumurahin ang damit pero maganda tingnan at maganda yung pagdala kaysa yung mamahalin pero wala naman sa style at fit. XD

    at some point, poser tayo. yeah, it’s great that we dream big. but, there’s a big difference between being rich and needing to feel rich.

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