43 comments on “TMR Christmas EB

  1. waaah, na-extra ako hahaha! thanks Chico, Delle and the rest of the amazing Rushers! first time ko umattend ng EB, at Christmas pa at un nga, the most attended EB! Ang saya ng class pic hehe.. Until next EB! =) Happy Holidays, everyone!!

  2. Aylavet! haha. This made my holidays even happier! thanks Chico, Delle and Co-Rushers!!! =] See you soon!

  3. “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came…”
    ~ so true!! awww.. 2009 is probably the most memorable year for the rushers. we met a lot of friends, a new family, and we’re hoping that this community will continue to grow, more perverts and bitches. lol. Thanks Chico and Delamar. Thanks Cherry for creating the forum, thank you CBTL, thank you RX! 🙂

    • kelangan ko talaga gumawa ng name ahohohoho. fron now on.. di nko lurker ajiji. Kudos kay Chico at sa TMR. Im looking forward to meet you guy some time.

  4. I had a blast!!! Thanks a lot Chico and Delle! Thanks too, Rushers! You made this holiday season extra special! This wont be possible without the effort/ genious creation of Cherry the great. Without her, there’d be no “The Morning Rush Forum” where we all get to meet other rushers and that forum became the “Tambayan”. So glad to meet people we share same interests with.

    Cheers, Rushers! lets make 2010 even more fun and more memorable 🙂

    God bless you, Chico and Delle. More fun mornings with you guys!

  5. I LOVE IT! The best EB so far! Watch out for more! 😉

    Thanks to Chico and Delle for giving us awesome mornings! We love you and we will continue to support your gigantic… tandem! 😀

    Kudos to Cherry for creating the forum (http://rxmorningrush.com)! Dahil kung wala yun hindi kami magkakaroon ng lakas ng loob na magpakita! LOL

    Thanks to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! Nabusog nyo kami! Sa uulitin! hehehe… 😀

    Thanks to all the Rushers! The best talaga! Wooot! Til next time!

  6. Thanks for the memorable 2009! Now you’re making me cry… Coz in 2010, this is one among the many things that I’ll surely miss.

    Thanks Chico, Delle, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and all rushers friends for a splendid Christmas EB.

  7. ahuhuhuhu di ako kasama ~_~ T_T

    pero, i still thank all the rushers whom i’ve met throughout the year. thank you chico and delle for the memories, too… till we meet again ^_^

  8. whoa! (awesome.)

    huwaaaat?!! (meron palang plan na ganito?!!)

    waaaaah!!! (di ako kasama….)

    wooooot! (cheers to all the rushers.a great year ahead.)

  9. Woot! Extra yung jump picture namin! Aylaveeet it! Hehe thank you Chico pie!

    Thank you Chix and Delle! Thank you Coffee Bean! Thank you Rushers! Mwah! xoxo

  10. Huwaw! tagal ko ng lurker dito diko alam n may mga EB rin pala, sayang di ako nksama. paki welcome nmn ako pr di ako shy pag attend ko ng mga last sat eb nio ajijiji. Merry Christmas to all! FC muna ang 1st step ko, next time katabi nio n ako s mga eb eb n yan. hihi. kudos s TMR!

  11. Wow! Ang daming pumunta sa EB. Saw this announcement in your FB page and a link to the forum created by Cherry. Syempre, nahiya naman akong bigla na lang magpakita sa EB without knowing a single soul. I’ll be active muna in the forum para next EB, meron na kong “virtual” friends! yey! hehe

    Merry Christmas to all TMR people!

  12. Inggit ako. Kailan kaya ako makakasama sa ganito? Although, wala naman talaga akong kilala sa kanila. Hehehe. Kasi di na ako uma-active sa forum. Si Sir Acer lang kilala ko.

    Anyway, i really hope i could join you guys one of these days.. i mean Saturdays. Hehe! 😀

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  13. wooot it’s really an honor to be with Chico and Delle.. thanks to everyone especially to the Rushers for coming up with such a great group who shares an awesome friendship.. looking forward to be with each in everyone forever..

    thanks much CnD.. Happy Holiday ya’all! ^__^


  14. Sad to miss this one. 😦 Bawi nalang ako fellow rushers pag pwede na maigala ang aking baby Kyu. 😉 Happy Holidays to all the rushers and also to you Chico! 😉

  15. huwaw ang laki ng clan ni chico and del, parang family xmas reunion, lola-lolo sila chico and del. (^^) ansaya naman.

  16. wow! my face is on the world famous blog! hehe…

    this was one truly memorable get together! to c&d, coffee bean, and all the rushers who made this truly a memorable one, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  17. Whoa! That was a blast! Thanks Chico & Delle, Coffee Bean and all the rushers! Thanks for the friendship! =D
    Cheers to more years of fun and laughter!

  18. this is one of the best EB yet.. wait for this 2010, we’ll still have much more fun…
    actually, ito ang bungad sa akin ng officemate ko when I came back this January: “ate, andito ka.” Then I sa the pics.. I was laughing when I saw my pic… naturally “wala sa hulog” ang face ko; na-shock lang ako, photographer mo si Chico Garcia *da bahhhh!* It is really Chico and Delle who brought us together, and for those who wants to join, just come. Masaya talaga; you’ll get to meet C&D, and earn new friends… malay mo, pati GG (God’s Gift) dito mo ma-meet ^____^

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