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  1. Oh my, now I’m really all hyped up to go watch this movie. Just reading this brilliant review of the film, you got me ‘dying to see the movie’. I’ve been wanting to watch this one for weeks since I heard about it.

  2. “And is it just me, or were the aliens…a bit…you know…sexy?” — *PERV ALERT* LOL. Chico, you should do this — reviewing movies — more often. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be watching it later. Good day!

  3. I was also blown away. I almost cried during one intense scene. I agree, when you start to care about blue aliens that you just knew for a few minutes, the storytelling was successful.

    • strange reaction, but even our friend felt like crying the first time he got to fly his “bird”. i had goosebumps.

    • glad you made a review chico!…we also watched it last night…i still have a hangover til now….i have two words for you guys! “WATCH IT!”

  4. I went to see Avatar in 3d today and it was AMAZING!!!!!! The animation was mind blowing. The creativity to bring this imagination of life and love was outstanding . James Cameron is a genius!!! Truly a movie worth seeing again and again and again.. I’M A FAN OF THIS MOVIE!!! You HAVE to go and see it!

  5. You should try watching it on 3d cinemas as well. it’s really cool, and you can almost feel like you’re in pandora! 😀

    I not sure though how good 3d cinemas are in the Philippines, but im quite sure it should be the same. 😀

    so my advice, enjoy the movie in 3D! ;D

      • I watched it in 3D and IMAX 3D, the bigger screen made a lot of difference, well to me that is. You should go see it on IMAX. Btw, I checked with SM Cinemas and they said that they’ll continue showing Avatar even during the MMFF week. 🙂

  6. i agree, chico. this movie really is worth every cent you pay. I would still watch even if the ticket was double it’s price. that’s how i love the movie. it way cooler than i expected it too be.

    it could pass as the sci-fi movie of the year!

  7. When this movie’s released to blu-ray or dvd, it’s a collector’s item. The movie was so stunningly spectacular.

  8. hayee, chix!

    if u want d toys right away, swing by mckiddies 😀

    wsnt able to catch it last wkend. cnt w8 to do so! aaavaaataaar!!!


  9. what a way to end your movie review Chico! 😀
    and yes, the movie is pure awesomeness.. a very nice treat for your creative minds. i LOVE every part of the movie. Thanks to RX!!

    must see in 3D!

  10. I was near tears towards the end of the movie! Yes, I “cared” for the Na’vi tribe, I wanted Jake and Neytiri to live happily ever after…..and I want a sequel! Which would happen with 2 more installments accdg to Director James Cameron! Yey! But for now, I’ll watch it again and savor the Pandora moments!

    “I see you.” Nice!

  11. have always liked Zoe Saldana. even her alien-ized look as Neytiri looked hot! will watch it again later this week! hehe!

  12. hey, chix! 1 of d things kc na i know i really liked d film I’m watching is when i didn’t noticed that it was that long…mesmerized talaga ako…super. & to think we’re now saturated with movies/adapted screenplays…refreshing no? na this time, original naman. More than the high-techyness, i’d go for d storytelling at any day. Loved it!!! I hope din u’ll post more of this 1 sa blog mo..missed those days when u & delle having a portion like this sa show. mwah!

  13. James Cameron is one awesome Alien!!!! I thought so din with Steven Spielberg…brilliant…brilliant minds…

    Chico i remember, when u rate d movie War of the Worlds back then, sabi mo, u thought Steven Spielberg is somehow losing his touch, but not with this movie…so i know na blown away ka talaga more sa storytelling. I’m with you right there.

  14. I soooo agree with you. This is actually the kind of place / environment I was expecting to see when I watched the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” but it has failed to do that.

    With Avatar, you’d really wanna wish that there’s a place like that or Atlantis perhaps. Napanood ko na siya sa 3d yet one day before the MMFF so I hope by January, IMAX na talaga. 400pesos is very worth it! I wonder if some ideas were taken from the anime “Vision of Escaflowne” so many alike pero may ginaya man, stand out pa rin above all ang movie na ito.

    Just like you, i’ll be collecting the action figures of this movie and ill upload it in my phone to watch it over and over again and be amazed, amused, thrilled again and again!! 🙂

    They really made my cup empty … 🙂

  15. oh and didn’t you find it weird that when the alien race (navi i think) turned their backs on him, the minute he got the big red bird he was accepted na, and the chick alien forgave instantaneously?

    mga babae talaga, basta malaki bird okay na lahat….

  16. i soooo agree with you, Chico. The movie rocks not only my mind but my world! truthfully, james cameron is really the king of the world (world of movies)… nice review! 🙂

  17. nice review!

    strange..what i really remember about the movie is their god, whom they refer to as a “she”.. maybe its the same idea of the feminine side of god mentioned in paulo coelho’s “by the river piedrs i sat down and wept”, or maybe i’m just thinking too much.. 🙂
    {but, seriously, if i only have the courage, i would have asked a priest about it]

  18. I thought the same thing when I watched it, with one additional detail. This movie is a lot similar to Fern Gully too. So I thought it was a cross between Dances with Wolves and Fern Gully. Really nice movie.

  19. Hi chico! You don’t know me but I’m a regular visitor of your blog! 🙂

    My comment is long overdue coz I just watched the movie last night…in 3D!!! And I was not disappointed. I am generally not a fan of alien movies, but this one got me! I watched it coz of the good reviews and I say all of them are true.

    Aside from my head aching with the 3D glasses (probably due to my astigmatism), the entire movie experience was great for me. The story, the effects, and more importantly the characters impressed me so much, that I was holding my breath a lot of times!

    And yes Chico, I overheard a comment in the theater that the aliens kinda look sexy… (lol)

  20. This is a great review, and I think you captured the inescapable awe and wonder of “Avatar” well.

    But they’re not aliens! They’re the Na’vi, and Pandora–their home–is where the movie takes place. Humans are the aliens here.

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