18 comments on “The Best And The Rest 202

  1. I think it’s because ube flavored anything is associated with old people. Most kids do not like ube ice cream or cake. (or so the old people in my house say…LOL)

    OMG! I think I am an old maid already(judging from the list) and I’m only 22. LOL
    #15 was a direct hit BTW.

  2. # Tinidor de Libro – If the beneficiaries of all your insurance policies are always your nieces and nephews.

    ok sana kung may kapatid akong ganito ahohohohoho

  3. hahahah #21 is so true.i’m one of my sis’s beneficiaries then after my name you’ll see my niece and nephew 🙂

  4. “Maybe instead of old maid, we should call them, “unmarried persons”, since men grow old alone too.”

    The term according to Bridget Jones / Helen Fielding is singleton. Works for me! 🙂

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