51 comments on “Strange Fruit (Year 3)

  1. “Writing is much like cooking. It’s really rewarding to know if people enjoyed what you prepared for them.”

    Really agree with this 🙂 That’s a good way of putting it 🙂


  2. congrats sir Chico. creative header. i have been reading your blog in two years na pala… binabati kita..


  3. happy 2nd anniversary chico!been visiting your blog since day 1 and you never fail to inspire & inform people..am one of those.wont tire checking out your blog..keep blogging,congrats.!!!

  4. You still & always will ROCK! Can’t live a day without checking on your blog.. Keep your creative juices flowing Chico!

  5. Congratulations, Chixter! Wow! 2yrs! Reading this post, you (once again) inspired me to be better. In this case, you’ve inspired me to be a bettter blogger. Believe it or not, I’ve had my blog since June 3rd of 2004 and I’m so ashamed that there were, read this: MONTHS wherein a would barely have any entry. Hopefully, I get back that excitement of posting a slice of my everyday life. Maybe only one or two people would want to read it (Of course, I’m not popular like you ü), but hey, if it can make a difference to someone, why not? ü Again, congratulations and I hope to read more of your stuff this year.

  6. wow! good job chico. i really enjoy reading your blog. i just hope you kept your promise of your monthly supply of franken jokes.-_- i hope you continue to inspire/amuse us thru this blog. =)

  7. wow, may bagong bihis ang strange fruit!!!hayyylaveeeeeetttt!!!! Congratulations Chico!!! i hope you will never get tired of sharing gorgeous things to us, your readers… i know your fingers work…you did a great job…ooops, did that sound right? =P congrats! ^_^

  8. Wow! Has it actually been 2 years?! I’ve been reading your blog since you started and I always enjoy checking out the pictures and videos and reading the top 10 entries. Long Live Strange Fruit! You make so many people smile. 😀

  9. congrats chico!!! i really enjoy listening 2 ur show and visiting ur blog…even my 12yr old son finds it cool pero syempre scan ko muna b4 i let him read ur posts..
    more power & God Bless

  10. hi chico!!! congrats on your blog! i look forward to years of reading more of your thoughts! i so misssss u and delle!!!! wish u guys the best always! 🙂

  11. congrats Chico!
    reading your blog is in my daily routine… sometimes i get upset when there are no updates. hehe! adik ako eh!

    more power!!!

  12. congratulations and more power, Chico!
    your blogs have inspired a lot of people in a lot of ways.
    ive reposted some of your top ten things (with credits, of course) and a lot of people enjoyed it.
    God bless!

    • thanks for the credit! not really for me, but for those who sent it in. i often get emails forwarded to me, and then i realized its from a top ten, but minus the credit. thanks!

  13. happy anniversary! i never miss to take my daily dose of strange fruit:) i heart this site and i heart you!! (weeeeeeeh…;P thanks for the inputsss and laughtersss. i don’t post comments but please know that i’m one of your fans. tsup tsup! hahaha!

    congratulations! 🙂

  14. congrats Chico.. still trying to figure out until now how to put those counters on my own blog… cant understand the instructions… guess have to get a web / blog guru as well…hehehe… or a lot of patience.. hehehe
    your right about writing giving you happiness even only one people is reading it.. as long as this person is getting something from it… your blog is beautiful… i love the videos (the little mermaid is just touching and moving) video is just , how you express your passion in just everything you do!!!
    keep it up Chico!

    • its so easy to get those hit counters! just post the code sa “widgets” part ng dashboard. honest, sobrang dali lang.

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