21 comments on “Boracay, Aklan (The Experience)

  1. BORACAY + sunsets and sailboats + yosi = is the best experience. I even love the lumots in boracay. They taste good. Lol!!!

  2. Boracay was already in danger over 10 years ago. Remember the brouhaha about the coliform in the water and the subsequent cover-up? I think the place really needs to be re-assessed. The small island cannot really accommodate all the commercialization there. Where do you think the septic tanks are located? How many rooms in a hotel and how many toilets are flushed everyday? All that in only a small space of land. Boracay is dying, and the pretty girl with the fatal disease may just end up flatlined sooner, not later…..

    • haha he’s a local! ang sama nga ng tignin sa kin when i asked if i can take a picture of his shades. he probably thought i was a pervert.

  3. I’ve been to Boracay 3x in a span of 10 years, and I must agree with you. The place is really changing and I do not think that it’s for the best. I heard that there were ordinance placed to stop the construction of new resorts there but they just brushed it off. My friends and I actually picked up cigarette butts and other garbage there last June, with matching sermon sa mga nakikitang nagtatapon. hahaha…

  4. what’s disturbing is, as soon as I saw the guy with the shades, I immediately thought of getting tweezers. Hehe.

    You’re right about Boracay chico. Sayang. I hope people will be enlightened soon. Sana the next group of Govt officials will really think and plan hard with what they’ll do with Bora.

    I hope this doesn’t happen to Palawan.

  5. The best thing that can happen to Boracay is for the people to stop going there. Like you – I’m worried about all the development that has happened in the recent years. The last time I was there is New Year’s of 2009. So not too long ago – and I must say that it didn’t feel good. I didn’t get the Island Vibe which is part of what I go there anyways.
    Some discoveries that we made on our last visit – the Italian village which is past Station three. In the past – we tend to shy away from that area but we discovered that right now – it’s the least crowded portion of the White Beach.
    BTW – the next best thing that happened to Boracay this year is the Caticlan airport closing. It tremendously reduced the volume of visitors on the Island. But I hear Caticlan is open again. Sigh.

  6. sooo true, I also haven’t been to Boracay, at ayan na, lumulubog na, it is definitely because of Global Warming, it is said na pag natunaw totally ang antartica (I think water level will rise up to “23 FEET”…
    haaaay…good luck saatin 🙂

  7. I was there last year and, sad to say, wasn’t really impressed. I noticed that the sand was fine, yes, but the corals were dead or dying. Sayang. I wish they could have preserved it more.

  8. sad, just like the story of our country and its people… again because of the lack of love for our country… my heart bleeds…

  9. Smiled at people not liking the sun. I had at least three friends who didn’t like it at all. 😀 Then again, I love the sun… just not the sun burn :))

  10. i’ve always wanted to go to boracay, I still have high hopes that I could still witness its beauty before it becomes too late… Could I ask where you stayed last time?

  11. if you enjoyed Boracay, then i highly suggest that you trek over to bellarocca in marinduque.. it is just divine 🙂

  12. i liked ur 2nd pic in this post. the sand’s very clear underneath the seawater…its as if its calling ur name to dive in!

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