9 comments on “The Best And The Rest 199

  1. What confuses me with the gray area of your relationship with Delamar is that she is not your GF.. yet you are almost acting like his..living separate lives yet inseparable..how is that? more than a friend..less than a sweetheart kind of thing? kung ako sa iyo Chico..tuluyan mo na lng si Delamar..tutal..bagay naman kayo eh..tumandang dalaga na nga eh..kakaintay sa iyo..hahaha! peace!

  2. Ito ang the best…
    Nobag – Prof: “Why did you bring your cat to school?” Girl: “Naawa po ako, kasi sabi ng boyfriend ko, ‘Tomorrow, I’ll eat your pussy!’”

  3. i likey!!! :))))

    Boknoi – True story: During oral recitations in our anatomy class, the teacher asked a male classmate of mine what is the external genitalia of the female called. My classmate said: “Alam niyo ma’am, di ko masyadong maalala, but it was at the tip of my tongue this morning.”

    LMAO :p

  4. pwede bang ulitin ung ganitong top 10? please i have an entry e (late entry na pag hindi na uulitin)

    i have a Botany class when i was in college (Botany class was a prerequisite class in freshmen year then) so my professor asked a VERY basic question where everybody in the class should give an example and no one should repeat the answer given. The question was “Give me an example of a root crop.” Most of my classmates answered the usual root crops including carrots. Then a classmate of mine ran out of possible answers. He instead answered, “Ma’am..CAR-ROOT!” 😀

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