26 comments on “We’re All Ant Food

  1. Uhh Chico seems to me you’ve had some mouthful for someone bitchy there haha.. That should make him/her adjust attitude issues before being part of the lil fella’s diet.. 🙂 Am an avid fan of your blog btw.. Keep it up!

  2. are you talking about what Rudy told you? they’re born losers dude! hahahaha! cremation is always a better choice then!

  3. whoa, chix! never heard you talk that way…it’s refreshing. hehe. i wish i knew who’s d bitch though…sabi nyo kc ni delle, “if u only knew”…lalo tuloy nakakaintriga. nwey, sabi nyo nga, not worthy! I’d say naman sa listener nyo na naka-chance upon ng conversation na iun fr other stn, eh…why kc naglilipat pa…hmmm. di sana di na napapangit ang umaga natin ng mga hudas. hehe. if that was me, tago ko na lang, kesa nandamay pa ng bad vibes eh. hehe…eh well, but that’s me.

  4. u sound different here…
    anyway… mode swings lang po siguro yan…

    btw.. love your show,14yrs ago pa.

  5. Hi Chico! A colleague introduced me to your blog which my friend-colleague and I read during spare time!!! I love your Top Ten posts, make me laugh as in BWAHAHAHAHA laugh! And this entry? ROCKS!!! Yeah, in the end… we are all… fertilizers and laman tiyan of decomposers. xoxo

    PS I remember last November, we went to the cemetery to visit my cousin and lola…we saw this fat bulate as in fat worm talaga! we thought, ginawa na nilang super lunch and mega dinner and yowza breakfast ung mga kamag-anak namin :o(

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