16 comments on “The Best And The Rest 198

  1. i feel like its really Christmas…since i have converted i dont celebrate christmas anymore…but when i opened your site, i got nostalgic and misty eyed…i miss christmas 😦

  2. the top ten entries were really funny! i was rolling on the floor laughing even if i heard this topic already before on the radio. haha.

  3. LOL..this reminded me of what my aunt said while we were out to eat lunch. My aunt was really hungry buy her son stopped her from eating to say grace. She then blurted out “gutom na ako, maiintindihan ni Lord un!”

  4. naalala ko ung tita ko sa #24..nay: o san kayo galing? daughter: sa tia maria’s nay. nay: ah don. (turning to her daughter’s friends) e kaninong tiya ba yon?

  5. Kapitbahay namen dati pag nag-aaway at lasing yung asawang lalaki. Lols.
    Husband: Mama, mamamatay ka na!
    Wife : Papa, papatayin kita!

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