9 comments on “Cruel Japanese Pranks

  1. The first one kind of funny to me, (or did i just have a crooked mind as d japs?)…or dahil lang d kid’s so cute? but u were right, the aftertaste, i don’t like. The second vid, is waaaay too cruel, I’d say. Didn’t even get a hint of smile from me, that one.

  2. i think it’s the same as some pinoy pranks. only these ones were executed better and longer. so the cruelty comes out. di kagaya dito, mabilisan lang. i just hate being in emotional distress. pwede ba kasuhan yung mga yun?

    • one time there was wow mali right in front of strata 2000. i didnt actually see it, but someone who visited rx was a “victim” of a woman asking for directions while trying to put her kilikili on his face.

    • yah, i LOVE that show! but i like the shannen doherty version. after her it was that baldwin guy and the comedian. just not the same.

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