36 comments on “Sabang, Palawan (The Pictures)

  1. i love your pictures…so vivid! especially the star trails and the reflections… i am hoping we can learn photography, even just the simplest form, with our nikon D60. hindi namin alam pakialaman masyado eh. 🙂

    • a lot of my pictures were taken by my D40x, an even older version of your D60! so for sure you can make the same shots, even better! i suggest taking lessons, even just basic photography. it does wonders! i recommend photoworks, that’s what i took!

  2. Chico,

    I love your shots specially second to the last picture. For the first few shots you must be using ultra wide lens, I really admire you photography work.

    Nice job!


      • Kuya chico,

        thank you for giving a very positive feed back to wonderful Sabang, palawan. I live here at puerto princesa palawan. Ive been to sabang like 20 times but i never get tired of it. Everytime we go back there it feels like the 1st time its really amazing. That’s why im thanking you for posting those magnificent pictures of sabang. Also, you are really awsome! The pictures are great! Cant wait to see more of your works po 🙂

  3. I love your photos, Chix! Not only am I your fan as far as The Morning Rush is concerned, I’m also a fan of your works in photography. You have no idea how much you inspire me to be creative. ü

    • awww. photography for me is not just a hobby. it really evolved into something where i can express myself artistically, somehow. so thanks!

  4. great photos, i must say… i love the star trails….
    DJ na photographer pa….chico, what are the things that you CAN’T do?

  5. beautiful photos. if i were the resort owner, i would love to purchase your shots. it would help entice tourists/guests. you have a brilliant eye! 😀

  6. what lens are u using chico? Love your photos! They’re so beautiful. Feels like i’ve been to these places too. Ü

  7. Hi Chico!

    We went to Puerto Princessa also early this year…and yeah, it is such a magical place for me…. I am just wondering if you happened to meet Musa the dog. He’s a labrador retreiver pero asong gala. My barkada and I were so inlove with this dog. Everybody knows him there in Sabang. He is called the tour dog. For some reason he chose our group from all the group of tourists in the island. I guess it’s because we are all dog lovers. He became our constant tour guide during our 2-day stay in Sabang. Musa rides the boat with us, in the van, joins our evening walks at the beach and sleeps outside our cottage. If only we could bring him home to Manila. I hope he is doing fine now. We were really sad when we left him because he can’t go on any further. It would really feel great if you could say that you’ve met him and he’s doing great. I really hope you got the chance to meet him. He is a wonder dog…


    (P.S. I can send you a photo of him if you want. Just let me know..thanks!)

    • Hello,

      I know that dog you were talking about po.. I remember when we stayed at roberts. The dog also slept at the porch of our cottage. He followed my dad and lead him to our cottage and stayed there. He was really cute!! 🙂 everytime we go back to sabang i make sure that i will see musa and play with him. Btw he gives good company 🙂 he always follow us around.. I miss musa! Well, hoped that you enjoyed your stay in sabang folks! And hope you will have the time to visit sabang again soon. 🙂

  8. Awesome pics Chico. Next time you’re in Sabang look for the ROYJEN Double-deck Charter Boat, and we’ll give you a free cruise around the majestic St. Paul Bay. We can also take you on an incredible voyage to Port Barton, and El Nido. Palawan is most spectacular when viewed from the sea.

    For Vicky, Musa is owned by Andre, the German owner of Bambua Nature Park Resort. I’m sure he’s doing just fine, because he really is quite a dog. I always look for him, to see who he has chosen to guide. You can contact Andre at: info@bambua-palawan.com

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