30 comments on “Sabang, Palawan (The Experience)

  1. u were lucky, kasi nung kami nagpunta sa underground river, we have to climb 3 mountain just to get there

    bwusit kasi c bagyaong pepeng. sabi ng coast guard bawala daw mag sail coz of d waves and d alternative way is to hike 3 mountains so marami di nakaapreciate sa subteranean kasi pagod lahat

    even the foreigners. they told us that its not worth walking

    so lucky you

    did lady mangrove told you d etymology of tamilok? its very funny

  2. ey chico, very good pictures. it’s nice to hear that you both had a very grand vacay! hopefully me and my boyps will visit that place soon 🙂 morning!

  3. Great pics Chico! I am totally envious of the whole trip and will make it a point to visit palawan next year, even if i have to do it alone.

  4. Seriously I’m not a well traveled individual, but thank you for sharing some breath taking shots of your trip. Specially the fear factor-ish photos of Delle and her amazing woodworm trial. O_o

  5. im curious who was with you chico on the second part of your trip?

    photographer too?

    and delle will eat anything.. isnt it obvious enough during those cooking shows?

  6. I tried Tamilok too! it tastes like Oyster! its actually delicious. Niweiz, sayang! we were there 3 days after you guys left!

  7. Hi, i went to Palawan 3 years ago and i loved it. I also did the Mangrove-tour and have been searching for the (mangrove-)song ever since. And now i’ve found it! 🙂 Can you please email me the video of the song? Thanks!!

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