18 comments on “Palawan Teaser

  1. Chico,
    The tamilok is delicious. When we went there, they let us taste it with just calamansi. They do make it into kilawin. But it’s dangerously high in cholesterol. =) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Hi! I hope this doesn’t ruin your vacay, but i just wanna make sumbong. This morning while Gino and Fran is on board, a listener (i doubt if he or she is a true blue rusher, coz true blue rushers have manners) sent in a text addressed to the rx management saying that you and delle should not be allowed to go on vacation on the same time. Boring daw kc ang mornings pag wala kayo. That i think is very rude. I applaud Gino and Fran for keeping their cool. That texter deserve a spanking, tehehe. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! We miss you!

  3. just want to share something…maybe may time kau for a leisure read while on vacay. And this is worth reading as in. I hope other rushers will read it as well.:)

    here’s some excerpt:STOP TRYING TO FIX PEOPLE

    You know what our monstrous mistake is?

    We try to fix the people in our life.

    Oh, I see it everywhere.

    Everywhere I go, I see people complain about the people in their life.

    Wives complain about their husbands.

    “Bo, please talk to my husband. He eats too much.”

    “Bo, can you help me? My husband watches too much TV.”

    One frustrated wife told me, “Bo, please advice my husband. He doesn’t have a one romantic bone in his body. Last year, he gave me a bar of soap for Valentines Day. The brand? Mr. Clean.”

    But husbands complain about their wives too.

    “Bo, please talk to my wife. She’s gastadora.”

  4. like you, i’d never try chewing and swallowing a tamilok. Grossness! As always, your pictures are amazing. Ay ang OA, just 2 pics palang yan. =P

  5. grabeh ilang araw pa lang kyo wala sa rx, nakakamiss na. iba tlga pag chico & delle sa morning rush..haha..=)enjoy your vacation guys..

  6. Hi Chico! I miss you and Delle already. Tapos, when I scrolled down and saw your ugly pics.. haha classic, I was laughing at my work station like anything! That could compensate na for your one week absence. In fairness, ok naman yung ibang pictures, except that the japorms were kinda… never mind hehehe peace! I’m so looking forward to Monday. Mwah!

  7. …and there it was as I visited Chico’s blog, the very first thing that pops to my face is a picture of Chico with mouth wide open as about to eat a worm that looks like had an overactive pituitary gland…

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