14 comments on “Palawan Update

  1. i was just there last weekend… in coron.. and yeah.. i’m nognog as well.. palawan is so beautiful.. that you’ll forget city life so much.. and makes you appreciate your life more.. and the philippines as a country of great natural treasures.

  2. I miss Palawan especially the subterranean river (including the free massage on the way there)! I want to visit again.

    Yummy wood worms! Last time we were there, namamapak kami ng tamilok sa may Honda bay. Uwi ka naman ng tamilok!

  3. you & delle deserve a break especially with your significant other..ahem…and the weather is just perfect. so have a blast of fun,sun & sand!

  4. nice to see ur post. enjoy ur vacation u truly deserve! tho we missed u already on the morning rush but we’re glad u find time to relax and destress! take care and looking forward to ur come back. regards to delle..

  5. wow! enjoy your vacation chicco & delle…miss na namin kayo lalo na sa umaga.Ü
    hope me and my family can visit Palawan too =) take care ^^

  6. i think the woodworm you meant is Tamilok. I have tasted those worms and there was no foul taste or smell. And ill call them DELLecious… hahaha.

    Enjoy your vacation , looking forward for pics.

  7. hi chico,

    this is the first time i am posting a response to a blog of a person i barely know and havent met in person. anyway, I just have to agree with you that Palawan is just so nice, at times, we would think if it were really part of the Philippines. i grew up here but manila was home to me the past 6 years (i also went to UPD for college, hehe), but im back in my real home again. 🙂

    savor your stay, eat a lot, and relax a lot more!

  8. wow so nice!!! gross lang tlaga ang tamilok, i have wormphobia too… apir!
    me and some friends will go to palawan too by next year, so i’ll look forward to the “patikim” na pictures…
    we rushers miss you and delle already. get well soon chico.


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