17 comments on “Off To Palawan!

  1. I heart Palawan! 😉

    Have fun in my most favorite place! For sure, you’ll be happier after a well-deserved break!

  2. i was listening to your show (last friday??? i think) and delle’s voice was just soooo ….(thinking of a word.. husky? horrible? sexy??? hahaha) sooo different. hope she’s okay.

    btw, i have seen the pics. and delle, it’s not that bad. 🙂

    i love listening to your show. especially when you do the top ten. sayang hindi ako makapagtext sa work. one of these days… magleleave ako para makinig sa inyo. hahaha!

    enjoy your vacation!

  3. Waaaa! Inggit ako! Morning’s will never be d same without u guys. D good news is it will just be for a week. Have fun guys! I hope that Delle’s got her voice back. Ingat!;-)

  4. you deserve a vacation. and quite frankly, both of you definitely needed it. we can feel your sadness on air and its also making us sad. enjoy the trip. we will miss the both of you!

  5. wow palawan ..kainggit naman..we will sure miss you guys..its not the same not hearing you guys in the morning but on the lighter note you guys truly deserved it..have a safe vacay and make sure you guys be back on one piece..=)

  6. so after going back tomorrow on air, you will be out again? mornings are never the same without you and delle! sa AM station na nga lang ako nakikinig kasi walang ng maganda sa FM pag AM!

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