13 comments on “iPod Classic 160GB

  1. Hello Chico,

    Wow, ur gadget is definitely d best bcoz it has 16gb.. i also hve an 8gb only but im having a problem with transferring songs from my laptop to my ipod..do i need a software for the transferring mp3 songs into it?? what should i do?? please help me…
    thanks…hve fun with ur new gadget…

  2. hihi…we got the same ipod. got mine bout a year ago and til now i havent used up even just half of the memory yet! haha! grabe, ang hirap din pala sya punuin. and to add to that, am lazy to upload my new stuff. haist! 😀

  3. Kaka-tweet ko lang kanina na I wish I have an iPod nano. Now, I wish I have an iPod Classic 160GB. Enjoy your v-cay! We’ll def miss you! 😦

  4. Just change the earphones…..ipod’s original earphones do not sound good at all. Try sennheiser or the uber pricey shure.

    I’m filling up my ipod with C&D podcasts. Enjoy your new gadget! 🙂

  5. hi chico! im an avid listener of the morning rush since first yr college. now im already working in a call center and im still listening to you guys. sobrang hirap magpigil ng tawa when im listening to you and del. masama tuloy tingin lagi sakin ng mga passengers sa bus and mrt. lol

    anyway.. i wanna share some trivial videos since you love youtube.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1iv_4pJrB0 —part 1
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJdIeS2MDnw —— part 2

    email me at jemalynjoy@gmail.com if you find the thing interesting. thanks!

  6. i’m an iPod junkie myself! in a span of 3 years or so, i have gotten myself an ipod video (white one), classic (blue), nano (pink), itouch… now, i’m into my 4th iPod (aside from my iPhone) and so far, i am loving my iPod Nano video the most! i love that it has radio (i don’t need to use my phone- sayang battery! when i listen to you guys in the morning), it has a video camera and best of all, it’s got a pedometer. ah, love. 🙂

  7. “The more gadgets, the merrier, I say!” – Agree!

    I also have an iPod 160GB. Loving the storage!!
    Enjoy ur new gadget, Chico!

  8. Chico my man, it’s not too obvious that you’re happy.

    Congratulations on your iPod. I have a 3rd Gen iPod Nano and a fan of it. Light compatible and easy to manage. You are correct on your philosophy: iPods are for songs not movies nor games. I didn’t upgrade for the 4G iPod Nano because they only added FM and camera (FM = I don’t want to hear Arabic songs in the airwaves of Dubai. Camera? That’s what my point and shoot camera is for.) Maybe next year I’ll upgrade to 5G iPod Nano or maybe just maybe upgrade to 160GB iPod Classic when its cheaper by half the price you bought it. Heehee.

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