16 comments on “The Best And The Rest 192

  1. hey…hnd nmn gnun kasagwa ung mga pics….
    nice nga eh! cute prin c chico nd del….bgy kyo…
    feel k soulmate kyong 2….higschool plng aq silent rusher nko…
    i hve 3 kids n ages 14,13 nd 11 nki2nig prin aq s inyo…ka2aliw kc
    even my kids lke 2 listen 2 u guys….keep it up…we love u….
    sn kyo n lng….hehehe….greet nyo nmn me kht ns lbhan aq full blast radio k mrinig k lng kyo…mdlas pr aqng tanga tw ng tw mag-isa….im jen frm pasig…tker always bye…mwaaah…

  2. lol. i used to say this line (“You cannot judge how I choose to fix what you broke”) to my ex when he kept asking what i’ve been doin with myself after we broke up :p
    i ♥ #37 the most though =)

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