41 comments on “Monsters Scholars 2009

  1. Hi Chico (and to Delamar as well). Many congatulations to RX for doing this one of a kind concept. I am moved by the stories of the winners. Education really gives hope and inspiration, especially now when knowledge is very important in a competitive world. Cheers to all of you and more blessings to the morning rush and to RX 93.1.

  2. very heartwarming and yes I cried too…the girls are lucky to still have their father…their parents and of course RX for the monster scholars…hoping that RX will be able to do this again…

  3. I can’t believe I cried (again) while reading this post. Ok, so I didn’t really cry while listening to the awarding this morning — I mean, I can’t because I was in the office! Anyway, RX has never ceased to amaze me with their shows and programming, but this one is truly amazing. On top of that, this is something that is close to my heart because I nearly went through the same thing when I was a student. So, kudos to RX for changing the lives of four families. As for Chix and Delle, I’m happy for the both of you for witnessing such an amazing moment of kindness. =)

  4. Haaay. Good thing all of ’em got a scholarship:)) Nakakatuwa na nakakaiyak yung sinasabi nila na deserving din yung mga kasama nila. Haaay.

  5. karchelle was once my student back in high school. well not really my “student”. i used to teach physics in their batch, but i was assigned to teach the other section since i was a student teacher back then. im happy that you would be able to help her in her education. way to go karchelle! 😀

  6. wasnt able to hear the announcement (may replay naman at for sure narecord naman yun ni Blueritz).. but just reading this post, teary-eyed na ako! waah. I’m so proud of RX! You guys are amazing! Thanks for sharing all of your blessings to your listeners. This is truly an amazing program. Hopefully marami pa kayong matulungan someday. MOre Power!!

  7. I cried in the office (I wasn’t able to face my officemates kasi ang pula talaga ng mata ko, for almost an hour).
    Nice to see their faces here. I’m so happy that all of them got the scholarship.

    Keep it up guys!

  8. Chico this is one episode my hair was standing. I wish could help too, but hearing this show is something different. Its so true there’s still a lot of good people. RX93.1 not only Manila’s Hottest it inspire everyone to do… Good in helping.

    Keep it up guys. You got us Monsterized. ^_^

  9. Cut and pasted from Morning Rush thread at PinoyExchange. A post by “JdelaCruz” —

    Anybody listen to the show this morning? They had the 4 Monster Scholar candidates on and they were supposed to announce the sole winner. Good thing it ended well with all 4 getting free tuition from other sources (i.e. listeners who were moved by the sobfest).

    I’m sure a lot of us were moved and touched and felt connected and all. But for me personally, it was also a head-scratching, cringe-inducing segment.

    It wasn’t clear what the criteria was for determining the winner. The best sob story wins? Whoever makes the most people cry? What makes one “more deserving” than the other”? Why present the candidates all at the same time? Were they competing against each other, like a macabre beauty contest?

    And I honestly couldn’t listen to the sound of those breaking voices, appealing for pity and sympathy. Nakakapanliit. Where is dignity in all this? And RX has to choose only one? What happens to the other 3 after they’ve disemboweled themselves and poured their guts out in public? Imagine the embarrassment these people (and their parents) had to go thru.

    It’s a good thing it all turned out the way it did (all of them got free tuition). All’s well that ends well. But I hope they do some revamp when RX decides to do it again.

    Of all the candidates (contestants?), I liked the boy the most. I liked his attitude (that he’s not begging) and he walked awat with as much pride and dignity as was salvageable under the circumstances. Good thing he was sponsored by the Jaycees.

  10. Sana marami pa kayong matulungan na karapat dapat na bigyan ng scholar (monster Scholars) sa mga susunod pang sem… sana may malaking pondo para one-course scholar na…haha!

  11. Congratulations RX 93.1! This is really a very good example that i hope a lot of other institutions (media or not) and companies will copy. Imagine if all institutions/companies can have at least one scholar, then education will never be a problem of deserving intelligent youths who can’t afford to complete their education on their own… May His special blessings be given to those who took part in this wonderful project… c”,)

  12. i get teary-eyed every time i hear the interviews. i didn’t get to hear the awarding though and i’ll just listen to it through the podcast. i am crying now reading your post. i am a parent and am just terrified of something like this happening to my children. parents would always want to provide the best for their children but sometimes, circumstances make things very difficult.

  13. Nice Rx, i gt tear-eyed yesterday and until now reading ur post. Ang cute ng voice ni Del pagnagtatagalog : )

    Hope for more monster scholar.

  14. am so touched and you really made me cry! my officemates keep on asking me why am I crying and I can’t speak hahahha as if am the monster scholar! congrats RX!

  15. BRAVO RX!!! Hats off to you guys! First I was crying because of their stories and I was still crying but with tears of joy afterward. Happy ending! You and Delle handled it pretty well. galing niyo talaga mag host!

  16. didn’t get to listen to the show that morning, but its good to know that all 4 finalists made it…just listening to them narrate their own predicament is really heart breaking…aaahh how many more of them are in that situation right now,and to those who were given a better life, pls don’t waste the opportunity..ayan lumalabas nanaman ang pagiging nagger ko but really, this should be a wake up call to all students na ayaw mag aral…..

  17. it’s good that i wasn’t listening when the announcement came out. i was teary-eyed just reading your post, imagine if i would be tuned in. anyway, good job RX.

  18. I am so happy that all 4 of them got the scholarship. I know how it feels when you really want to finish school but couldn’t due to financial difficuties. And you feel hopeless because you don’t know anymore who to ask for help. Kasi lahat na halos ng kakilala mo at kakilala ng kakilala mo nahiraman mo na ng pera. I know because I have been through it.

    I am so proud of RX for taking this initiative. I am so glad that I am part of the station (as a Morning Rush listener). I hope you’ll continue doing this forever. I promise to help and ask around for help.

    Ang galing nyo sobra!!

    (Ps. I was sick last Monday and I was not able to catch this live. Could someone please provide the link to Blue Ritz’ recordings? Thanks a lot!)

  19. Kudos to RX (and the others) for sponsoring deserving students! Hindi na talaga biro ang magpa-aral sa Pilipinas. Kung sa mga countries na libre ang schooling, nahihirapan ang parents, what more dito?

    Anyway, commenting on that PinoyExchange post, there’s no such thing as complete victory. Whether you do good or not, someone will bash or dismiss you for it. Such is our world today–you cannot please everybody. What’s with this talk about criteria about sobbing the most, begging and such? It was as if s/he knows what happened backstage so to speak. Bakit siya, may naitulong na ba siya kung kaninuman? At kung meron man o marami, may nanghuhusga ba sa kaniya kung sino ang dapat niyang tulungan? At kung may nanghuhusga nga, would it dismiss the fact na gusto niyang makatulong, at nakatulong nga siya sa nangangailangan?

    Hay, negativity…erase.

  20. I cried like a river during that awarding. I knew it from the start that Erica will get it. It’s a nice idea for RX to come up with this kind of scholarship. I knew how it feels to be in that kind of situation. I’ve been there during my last sem too, so I can’t help but cry.
    To the 1st ever monster scholars, hope u guys will succeed on ur chosen career.
    To RX, God bless ur station & long live! Hindi ako nagkamali na pinili ko kayo as my fave station. U guys rock!

  21. congrats to RX for doing great on their corporate social responsibility. What a way to give back to your listeners aside from the usual parties and other free stuff. I’m sure this will be good karma for RX.

    more power to you guys!

  22. while i was listening to this, i got teary eyed and really sad. in fact, i was turning my radio on and off just to skip some moments that were really touching, ‘coz i don’t want to cry in the office.
    But, after the winners were announced, i was really really happy because all 4 of them got the scholarship.:)
    True…this made me believe in humanity and the bayanihan of the filipinos again.

  23. I’ve cried … and cried.
    Chico naman eh, kayo ni Delle, hindi lang pang-comedy, pang- real life drama rin!
    God bless RX.
    Lets spread more goodness around us.

  24. When I first saw this blogs’ picture yesterday, I thought this was the ugliest picture winner. Naisip ko maayos-ayos naman itsura nila dito kahit papano. Hehehe peace guys 🙂

  25. congratulations rx, seriously, one of the best fm radio has ever come up with and we are the first! i’m so proud of rx! like everyone was talking about it and i can’t help but be proud. and tama si delle when she said na parang “you know how some stations tend to copy ideas, this one’s an idea that if they copy, we totally won’t mind.” 😀

  26. natuwa naman ako dun sa sinabi ni del na if other stations will copy, she wouldnt mind…parang ganun. really, the “project” was really inspiring 🙂

  27. You can never please everybody. Mayroon at mayroon negatibo ang attitude. God bless you kung sino ka man. Anyway, bilib ako sa ginawa ng radio station ng RX. Kahit apat lang ang natulungan for now, which was supposed to be only one, I’m very happy that they made a big difference to these four people and their families. RX have opened the doors for others to follow. God bless RX and its staff. It was indeed a hopeful morning. And who better to present this but Chico & Del. Kudos!

  28. Hi Sir, I am Nachi Garcia from the Journalese, the official newsletter of the UST Journalism Students. We wrote an article about a fellow Thomasian (Karchelle Francisco) who became one of your monster scholars and we would like to ask permission from you to use the photo above for our publication. Rest assured, appropriate acknowledgements will be made. Thank you!

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