6 comments on “Inspiration

  1. WOW! Can’t help but comment on that picture….wouldn’t be surprised it inspired you to go for photography. And well, you’re good at it Chico! 🙂

  2. For some strange reason..I cried while reading your blog. Not because its a sad entry, but I myself was inspired by the late FrancisM. He is also one of my inspiration in starting photography. I’ve been visiting his blog since 2006, and I’ve seen him and his passion grow together…from being an amateur, to being a photography contest winner. From there, I was inspired to do the same thing.
    And thanks to you too…cause you are paying it forward..inspiring more people with your passion in photography, blogging, taking care of pets….among others.

  3. Hi Chico,
    Thank you for this tribute to Francis. I’d also like to thank the tweetheart @Raezelle, who directed me to this. I don’t normally click on links, so I’m glad I clicked on yours 🙂
    Would you like some trivia? Francis took me with him on that Camera Club outing to Boracay and I, of course, being anti-beach, just wanted to stay in the room. He asked me to walk around with him so he could begin shooting.
    He said he’d wait for me at the hotel’s veranda and of course it took me forever to come down. He whiled away the time by ordering a glass of pineapple juice as he sat at the beachfront tables, shooting what now has become one of his winning entries.
    I eventually joined him and we went around a bit, with him shooting several subjects.
    Although this one did get a prize, he has so many others from that trip that are definite winners as well. In Francis’ words, “walang tapon.”
    I concur with you on everything you said about inspiration and that is actually our family’s belief: to be an inspiration to others.
    Good job!

  4. This photo of Mr. Francis Magalona is my laptop’s background (and my office pc’s) for many years now…and also the reason why I’m into photography (for a year now).

    Your works are great source of inspiration too.

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