19 comments on “The Best And The Rest 189

  1. ngiii. i couldn’t even finish reading the entries because it’s 2:33 in the morning and im having goosebumps which is freaky.

    can’t sleep. but i like horror stories too.

  2. No. 10. “He was chatting with his fiancee via the webcam when she asked him who was the lady who was with him in his room. He freaked out because he was alone, so he ran out of his house.”


  3. aww.. i was not able to hear this top ten on air.. i would love to share pa naman sana how haunted our house is, lalo na when the door to the terrace was open.. hehe

  4. The hairs on my nape are standing while reading this. Im in the office which is ‘haunted’ as well. We kept hearing someone opening and closing drawers, typing, and moving around when no one’s around. Creepy.

  5. Oh my! It is sending shivers down my spine! Now I imagine Chico posting this, natakot siguro sya? Hehe

    I hope we have another horror topic soon!


  6. nung nakita ko yung topic, nag-banyo muna ko kse im sure this is so freaky. and it is! grabe! my heart is pounding..minsan ym kami ng asawa ko around 2am tas biglang accepted dw nya invitation kong mag-webcam. kako hindi kita in-invite,kahit i-post ko pa yung usapan natin. nagtatalo pa talaga kami. bigla akong napalingon, bukas pala yung pinto ng kwarto ko at sympre madilim sa labas. days later tska ko kinwento na baka may gusto mag-join sa min. 1st time nangyari yun e, sana internet glitch lang talaga. pero timing naman, 1st time ko din lang naiwang bukas yung pinto habang nag-uusap kami. yoko isipin kung ano nga at may nakita sya don bukod sa kin…

  7. astig!!
    hey,i’m a new reader of your blog.
    also a fan of the morning rush,
    at least every morning i feel assured that i’m not the only crazy person in the world.
    keep rockin’!

    i hope more topics like this would come in the way.
    esp. sa haloween^^


  8. Ahahahaha! Tangina, natawa talaga ako dito a.

    Anak: “Tay, totoo po bang may multo?” Tatay: “Anak walang multo! Bakit mo natanong?” Anak: “Sabi kasi ni yaya may multo raw!” Tatay: “Anak, mag-impake ka na. Langya ka, wala tayong yaya!”

    Made my day.

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