24 comments on “Paranormal Activity

  1. i couldn’t finish the trailer coz i was alone in the room late last night!! but if this will be shown here, i’ll def watch it but i’ll bring alot of people along with me!

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  3. … oh my.. the trailer was intriguing.. “IF IT’S NOT A GHOST, THEN WHAT IS IT?”.. the film seems unique.. im very excited to watch it.

  4. Yup. Definitely a runner for “The Blair Witch Project” and “The Ring” (Japanese original version) as scariest movie of the decade.

    Will watch with eyes closed. hahaha. =)

  5. whoa! pinaguusapan lang namen to kgbi…i heard you have to vote pa bago siya mapalabas sa certain place and i heard it was really scary!

  6. hahaha magandang gabi bayan. the good old days.

    but still the trailer was intriguing and for someone who loves horror films, ill for sure watch this

  7. wow, kinilabutan ako sa trailer. and i saw something before the camera was hit.. hoho..

    i’m gonna watch this movie if it will be shown here.

    love the trailer.. 😀

  8. I survived the movie!!!! WAAAAHHH no joke and not to be so OA about it. It scared the Bejeezus out of me. After the movie was over the audience didn’t know what to do next. Nobody got up to leave. Everybody was just sitting there terrified! I pick the scary movies I watch and I really regret watching it. Good luck trying to sleep for a week after the movie. At least in my case it took me a week to forget it. You have been warned…

  9. Korek. wala ng mas disturbing pa sa Magandang Gabi Bayan Todos Los Santos special. Ampucha, kaya ako tumandang duwag eh!

  10. haha.
    MGB the best! 😀
    napanood ko na itong movie wid my friends just last week.
    and upto now i still can’t have a gutnyt sleep.amp.

  11. Hi guys! The long wait is over! The movie will be shown here in the Philippines. I don’t know when’s the exact date. Most Likely last week of November or First week of December. I saw it in the newspaper last week and I’m not sure if it will be shown in all cinemas. Btw, my brother watched it in DVD last night. he said its just a waste of time. Its not scary at all. I need to prove this by watching it in the big screen! Good luck guys

  12. I’ve watch this. Don’t watch it in the cinema. It wouldn’t be too scary then. Watch it alone in your own room at night, that would make it much more scary.

  13. this movie is really scary!!i was unaware of this movie and i accidentally watched it alone..i almost had a heartattack and had nightmares for nigths!!

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