35 comments on “Happy Birthday Delle! (2009)

  1. hi chico! I’m praying praying so hard na fever lang po yan…nagka anxiety attack naman ako this morning, nung ayaw mo sabihin on air yan…huhuhu. pagaling ka…

    i got teary eyed din when delle’s saying her thanks…HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER at I thank God na she have u…Blessing kayo sa bawat isa.

    love u guys, forever!

    Mag brain-fart ka naman! woot! =)

    And Chico, hmm… hindi naman kaya nago-overflow lang ang hotness mo kaya ka nagi-init, este, uminit, este, nagka-fever?! hehe. =p

  3. Awww…This is really sweet Chico, Delle is very lucky to have you as a friend.

    Damn it! for thirteen years feeling ko birthday ko din pag bday ni Delle dahil mas ako ang naiiyak sa happiness, maybe cus my bday comes before her day, nakiki-angkas!hehe.

    You are both lucky indeed. We all have our own difficulties in our lives but as you always say, “the show is like an oasis” not just for you but to all of us ardent listeners as well! In fact, I can say that the show is the one sure thing that makes me happy enduring this life, sounds so DQ but true!

    Happy Birthday Delle!!! (I have yet to download today’s show)

    Chico, hope you get well soon and I pray it’s not denque.

    (PS. thanks for the bday greet yesterday)

  4. which guy wouldn’t wanna wake up to this pretty sight?! will somebody propose to her before we see the winning entry for the ugly pic contest?!

    merry birthday, delle! mwahs!

  5. hey Chico!

    Wow, it’s Delle’s birthday na? Happy birthday Delle! 🙂

    Hope you get well soon, Chico…orange juice lang katapat niyan! Hehe.

    Miss you guys! 🙂

  6. and Get Well Soon Chico! Super Boring ang airwaves kung wala kayong dalawa ni Delle “The Sexiest Voice oN aIR”!

  7. I cant think of words how to describe your friendship…your tandem. para kayong kulto. i guess everyone would also testify kung pano nyo ininspire ung mga listeners nyo…ung lahat ng family na kilala kayong dalawa. you deserve all the good karma in this world. just enjoy the view 🙂 happy birthday del. lab kita 🙂

  8. hi chico,

    you and delle were two of the blessings i will treasure most in life. it’s actually you, delle, sumi and angel. i really miss all of you and i do hope to see you all again.

    get well soon and best wishes to delle. god bless you all.


  9. Isang mainit na pagbati kay Delle mula dito sa ‘City of Fines’!

    Get well soon Chico!

    Miss ko na mga boses nyo, hindi naman ako makapagstreaming sa office.

    Kaya tuloy lalo nakakalungkot dito 😦

  10. wow. ang pretty ni delle! bonggang bongga ang kilikili!
    ang kiniiis! haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELLE! 🙂

    chico, please get well soon. sana makuha sa rest & meds.

    god bless you guys!

  11. i feel bad that i wasnt able to be at the rx booth on delle’s birthday due to some commitments…glad i had a chance to post a greeting on her FB wall ^_^ again, happy birthday delle. i hope you’ll have more blessings to come.

    naku chico, i didnt know you’re sick as well…i guess i’ve been really busy the past few days…i hope you’re doing fine now…

  12. Late reply

    it seems you’re okay now Chico, but do take care more! rest well!
    and I’m just happy that I made Delle teary-eyed with my requested song for her.

    I remember, Riot day nun.. 2007 or 2008-ish.. Delle said on-air na she really really loves the song Galileo. So hinanap ko sya and I instantly loved it too! great great song! 🙂

    Happy happy birthday Delle!!

  13. it has been three years since I have last listened to your show, mainly because I was either on the otherside of the world where streaming was bad, or just the fact that the company I am working for simply prohibits employees from watching and listening to online streaming.

    anyway, I found this site who records your shows (thanks to him and i think you guys know him too) and downloaded the podcasts. I guess this is a bit too late but I sure hope you are feeling well. Belated happy birthday to Delle. Can you tell her that if she is willing, I think i have the perfect man for her 🙂 SERIOUSLY!

    i think it was really sweet of you to be there for Delle on her bithday. Kung bata-bata pa ako, i would have been too kilig coz i used to wish na sana kayo na lng 🙂 But then, after all these years, I can see that even though you and Delle are not romantically involved, i still think that you are one of the best thing that happened to Delle (and so is she to you).

    do keep up the laughter and fun, it’s been almost 10 years and I still enjoy your show.

    ang pretending to be serious na fan (LOL),


  15. Wow! She’s so pretty! I love the pic. I was teary-eyed when Delle was saying her message. I love you both! Take care! ❤

  16. Delle,, belated ulet na happy birthday..do u have a blog now?

    We go in this world searching for our partner soul or what we call as a soulmate
    We go in this world searching for the perfect happiness a soulmate can give
    We go in this world searching for our best self a soulmate can bring out
    But not realizing that a soul friend can do all these things and much much more.

    You are two genuine soul friends.. treasure each other Chico and Del!

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