14 comments on “Ugly Pic Contest

  1. wow.. i can’t wait to see the pictures din.
    and i personally wanna win in the contest. unfortunately, wala akong ugly photo nyo ni delle.. ehehe

  2. yaman! hehe. namimigay ng nano for the ugliest pic! e kung most glamorous pic ang contest, what could be the prize? hmmmm…..

  3. Nako, panalo nako diyan… napakadami ko niyan hidden somewhere you’ll regret it tito!!! don’t know if the world is ready for it tho 🙂

  4. hi Chico! Can I just ask where is the Chinese doctor your were talking about in Binondo located? IS he Dr. Gaw? Thanks!

  5. Hi Chico!

    puwede ba akong pumili ng isa-submit na pix from your Celebritease post, maybe the one with Sting? hehehe sure win, what do you think?

    I had my very first photoop with you guys in ’98 greenhills stick-on, but i won’t submit it cus it does not mean naman basta luma pangit na (Delle’s puffy hair haha)tsaka bako ako yung manalo sa ka-ugly-han -malnourished look LOL!

    This is sooo exciting!

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