15 comments on “The Best And The Rest 183

  1. That top ten was a bit depressing, it is really unfortunate when we have such encounters. Maybe you guys can do a top ten on how Pinoys should react when being discriminated against – the wittiest, most intelligent come backs.

  2. Ouchness nmn un… parang kung ako ung sabihan nyan baka matunaw na lang ako.. Sa hiya for others who heard it and galit because you can’t do anything.. Because that’s how they look at Filipinos..

  3. this is sad but true. 😦 e sa mahilig mag ‘take home’ ang Pinoy…queber! but that doesn’t make us less of a Filipino.

  4. About the take home thing, the serving of food in America is really a lot, so most of the time, we go for take out because one meal there could last an entire three meals for us normally, well based on what mom told me during our chats.

    Everyone’s a bit racist… Time to reply in witty remarks too!!! Yeah!

  5. @ #16. I was told about this before and it was such a blow in the gut. The story was that a teacher in the US asks who among the students were Asian. The Japanese, Chinese & Filipino (I think a Korean was among them) all raised their hands and were asked one by one from what country they were. When the teacher ask the Filipino student what country he came from, the teacher bluntly told him that Filipinos are not Asians because Asians were smart and that we are part of the pacific islander group.

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