15 comments on “Videos I Like 7 (Funny Kids)

  1. the last video was the video that really cracked me up! you should have seen his/her video where he/she is singing paparazzi or was is fafarazzi.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. hi chico! thanks for sharing 😀

    ang cute ng mga kids! Luke is so kawaii!!! hmmm I wanna squeeze him.
    yung last video, nakakatawa rin…kaya lang na-distract ako sa pilantik ng kamay nya eh…bading ba sya? hehehe joke lang 😀 gusto ko yung part na sinabi nyang Oh Yeah!~

  3. Naku, marami cgurong lamok at ipis sa bahay ng BEP wannabe na ito. hehehe…

    I l♥♥♥♥ve the Bahay Kubo kiddo! Luke’s such a cutie.. it felt odd seeing and hearing a foreign kid sing it, though haha =)

  4. @marshmallow test
    i admire the kid who won. it must be real hard to resist something you really like so much.

    sichaw, bachaw, watani…lolz…nice to some foreign kid knows bahay kubo. wonder if our own kids know this

    @ i gotta feeling

    he…i mean she sure does have some feeling. i was just bothered with his hands, parang dina connected ung wrists nya, bali ba? hehe. nice vids.

  5. the kids are sooo cute!! esp. luke and the kid who won the marshmallow test…

    the third one naman..sya ata ang dahilan bat lumihis yung bagyo! natakot sa i gotta feeling version nya! 😛 lol

  6. hi chico, just asking…… bakit pala hindi ka kasali sa philippine blog awards? or hindi ko lang nakita?

    well kahit wala ka dun the best ka pa din for us, asteeeg ka idol 😀 at kung andun ka man, best of luck!

    God Bless!

  7. apparently the guy in the last video is making a hit. i mean, his videos are spreading in FB like wildfire. It’s not impossible that one day we’ll see him on one of the tv shows. But is he filipino? I know he’s asian but my friend says he’s indonesian.

    @paturay? really?! hahaha. he doesn’t look 34

    @jermaine. i know. there’s another trailer, me and my friends want to see it. but will it be shown here though?

  8. i love the bahay kubo kid too. 🙂 when my sister and her foreigner fiance have kids it will be cute to teach them to speak tagalog 😀

    @dealmasen – i don’t know. 😦 it’s not showing in OUR area. they say you have to go to the movie’s website to DEMAND the movie to be shown in your area because it’s not a hollywood film DAW. that sucks. 😦 but i bet that would make big bucks. $$

  9. Comment lang on the last video. Ito ay nagpapatunay na:
    1. Kahit sino, may karapatang magkainternet.
    2. Special siya noh?
    3. Kakalipat lang niya.
    4. Mabisang percussion ang tsinelas.
    5. Medyo malamok sa kanila. (clap!)
    6. Naiimplant na pala ang mixer sa lalamunan. 😉

    ~I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Peace! =D~

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