16 comments on “The Best And The Rest 182

  1. i’m not sure if you saw this vid na…

    from 8.13-8.15, there’s a side-view image of God staring at the walking man. it’s really obvious. naiyak ako sa story but when i saw God’s image, umiyak na tlga ako.

  2. Nice one, Chico! Very hopeful yung mga entries….nakakabuhay ng damdamin, then when I scrolled down to the last entry….namaaaan! hahahahaha!

  3. pinoys are innately resilient. you can see from TV that despite the crisis, most can still afford genuine smiles. yakang yaka!

  4. i like no. 14 and 29
    ang daming quotes na nakaka-inspire at the best ang finale mo chico!
    perfect example ng no. 33

  5. thanks for posting…
    btw, i would like to suggest topics for top 10:
    -funny/serious incidents that made you famous
    -signs you’re trying too hard (in any incident)


  6. Thanks Chico for the special mention and for putting my entry on the top spot. I’m glad that by a mere change in the language, we’re able to turn things around. =) Filipinos are a lot of things… sometimes, not so good. Nonetheless, I believe in the Filipino spirit. Pagdating sa fighting spirit, malakas tayo d’yan! Talo ang Pepeng malaki! LOL

  7. i saw this from a friend’s wall decor…
    “don’t pray for life’s loads to be lightened, instead pray for strength to endure”
    kudos to the filipino heart.

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