10 comments on “Ondoy Videos

  1. The Quiapo underpass full of water still makes me go :O
    I can hardly believe it! Ang lalim nun eh. Napuno pa din ng water.

  2. naiyak ako sa second video…pinapanood ko to nung nasa office ako, no news about my family…tapos eto pa yung nakita ko…then the next day, napanood ko ung lalaki sa TFC. Nakakaawa sya, ung bunso nya pinanganak nung bagyong milenyo tapos ngayon nawala ng dahil ulet sa bagyo…sobrang nakakalungkot yung nangyari sa kanya.

  3. That video of San Mateo folks being swept away by rampaging flood waters was horrifying! And people at the bridge could only stare! Wala talagang magagawa. That video was one of the first footage released by ABS-CBN last saturday afternoon and it made me think: where in the universe was god when those helpless people needed him most?

  4. I hope people will not blame GOD sa mga nangyari last saturday. God still cares! Buti nga hindi gabi nangyari yung flood kung hindi more 230 people siguro ang patay na. i think accountable din ang tao kung bakit lumaki ng ganyan ang baha. Hindi naman si LORD ang nagtatapon ng basura sa metro manila. tayo tayo rin.

  5. i was stranded at UERM chico..but I didn’t get to see that particular incident on the video..i believe we were on the same bldg as the people who took the video, though we were on the other side. we heard a lot of students screaming, and we didn’t really know what it was all about because people on our side were also busy helping outsiders who were holding onto the gates of the UERM, to take shelter in the bldg. it was a bit traumatic. now, even just small raindrops could already be disturbing. for us who got stranded in UERM, we didn’t have any contact with our families and that was the scariest thing. we didn’t have any food to eat except for wafer joy which was not that crispy anymore. and we live in mkna so..we were really worried for our families. but we know we can all get through this. my friends have lost their homes, but on a brighter side, their families were all safe.

  6. I remember getting almost stranded in UST before. But I walked to Divisoria where my dad was. The water then was only a little lower than my waist. But when I got to Quaipo and that underpass, there was surprisingly, little water there. So for it to have gone up that high…
    Also, flood water has never entered our house before. Probably because it was raised a couple of feet. The worst storm that hit us reached the same level as the house. So the water never got in. But Bagyong Ondoy came and the water reached to almost waist level. It was that fast.
    Hopefully, the Philippines recovers soon.

  7. hello, chico. i’m in kazakhstan, thousands of miles away from the philippines, and i heard about typhoon ondoy but i never expected such devastation. i hope and pray that Filipinos there will continue to survive and overcome even pepeng.

  8. ouch sa mga sasakyan sa Parkway. Sana man lang may mga ilan dun na covered ng “Acts of God” sa insurance nila.

  9. Yung may inaanod na bubong sa Marikina River.. Kaibigan ko yung isa..Kapitbahay at kalaro ko sa basketball.. Siya si Eric Boquiron..ung nanawagan sa Wowowee

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