7 comments on “Live Like We’re Dying

  1. Hey Chico. Sorry for posting an irrelevant comment here. But kindly please post the top ten today on how to prepare for disaster soonest. Thanks and more power to you and delle.

  2. I love The Script. I am following them on twitter and they are following me. Yey!
    Thanks for sharing the video and the lyrics. 🙂

  3. found the original version on youtube lang…loove the lyrics of this song..

    still prefer the script’s version..

  4. i looove the song! I love the lyrics! I might repost this song 🙂
    akala ko nung una orginal song ni Kris to, until nabasa ko yung comments sa youtube, and confirmation from sash..
    I like the two versions..parehong maganda.. 🙂

  5. tnx chico 4 introducing The Script 2 me. ur right when u said that their most popular song is “The Man who can’t be moved”. What really moved me are the lyrics especially “The Man….” I have listened 2 it over the radio once or twice but didn’t pay attention much on the lyrics but when i listened 2 it’s lyrics, oh boy did i cry. It relives my feelings for my ex-bf who is now happily married w/ 6 kids. I havn’t had bf after him in 16 yrs. It took me a decade or so for me to get over him. Whats painful is that when i lost my bf, i lost my bestfrnd 2.

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