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  1. Someone in Facebook re-posted her post…and my initial reaction was remorse and anger. All of my friends here in Singapore are so worried because of what’s happening to our family and our nation..and here she is, making some selfish comments.
    But when I saw her Multiply site and how people are reacting to her post, I think we are giving her too much attention and I just realized that I don’t want to stoop down to her level.
    Let’s just focus our energy in praying for those who are affected by this calamity, and help them in any ways that we can. Maybe we can also include this lady in our prayer, that she may come to her senses, and realize how much more hurt (on top of what we are feeling right now) that she brought to us.


    I think she’s not into Morning Rush…her English, well…you know… 🙂

  2. whoa!!! i just grabbed some flood pics from my cuzin’z fb account and i saw this post. i pity her. siguro wla xang mga naiwang relatives dito sa pinas kaya ganyan. whatta loser! sarap niya ilublob sa putikan. oh well. what goes around comes around

  3. Oh my! Napuyat ako kagabi because of this girl! I’ve never seen so many messages (of hate) pour in in minutes! Naduling ako kakabasa ng messages in all her sites – facebook, multiply.

    Poor girl…she didn’t know what she was saying.

  4. bagsakan sana sya ng Burj Dubai… lamunin sana sya ng disyerto, pero sa tingin ko, kahit disyerto ng dubai iluluwa sya…. so pathetic. very insensitive. so many innocent children are suffering, homeless, starving, eh galing rin naman sya sa third world country…wag syang makasuot suot ng mga patriotic shirts ng pilipinas. sagasaan sana mukha nya ng 10,000 camel! HMPPPP!

  5. Not that I’m defending her, are you sure that she is the one who posted that comment? baka identity theft ang nangyari eh some unscrupulous individual hacked her account and used to post that message 😦

  6. Agree 🙂

    Add this up to your list:

    The Philippine Medical Association(PMA) is reaching out to all physicians who would like to volunteer in Medical Missions for the damages done by bagyong Ondoy. Those who are interested may call 9297361 and 9296366 and look for Dr. Art Capli. You may also call the same number for all Medical Supply donations. This is for the efforts to centralize all medical request all over the affected area.-PMA President

  7. I-ban na sya dito sa Pilipinas, katulad nung columnist sa Hong Kong.
    Santa siguro yan sa past life nya. hindi sya tatagal ng 5 minuto sa NAIA pag bumalik yan dito.

  8. yep, I find it really insensitive as well but there are reports that say na her facebook account was hacked so hindi siya yung nag-post nun. Anyhoo, kung kanino mang commment yun, (in the words of a good friend of mine) may the fleas of a thousand afghan camels infest his/ her crotch and may their arms be too short to scratch them. ;D

    this one though I found through twitter:

    Who cares about the #Philippines!

    here’s her twitter page: http://twitter.com/OfficialDeLayna

  9. some people are claiming it’s a hacked account daw.. i’m not sure if i’ll believe it.

    sobrang ang daming nabiktima ng bagyong ‘to, mataas ang emosyon ng mga tao. you can’t blame them if they react this way towards her, whether or not sha yun or kung sino man. pero yes, i agree, some of them are too much.

    let’s just focus on helping and praying for everyone… they need more attention than this pathetic, insensitive woman (or whoever it was).

  10. Hi Chico, kindly air on RX how some people are taking advantage of the “Typhoon Ondoy Disaster” by victimizing OFWs.

    Apparently, there are random SMS circulating here in Singapore asking for donations to help those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. The targeted SMS recipients are the OFWs and Pinoys living in abroad.

    Just not sure if the modus operandi is just here in Singapore, but for sure, heartless people doing this also target other countries.

    The SMS sender initially sent a message asking if I can contribute to the donation drive for Ondoy’s victims. After replying, the sender provided a bank account where OFWs like me can send cash donations, but when I replied on which institution or organization will actually receive the “alleged donations”, the sender stopped replying.

    I’m afraid some OFWs will fall into the trap by sending hard-earned money without too much thinking and asking, as lots of us despite being far away from home were concern and praying for the betterment of our countrymen.

    I just hate it when other people take advantage of the situation instead of helping, and hate it when good hearted people are being victimized… I just want the donation to fall on the hands of the right institutions and individuals, so the money can really go a long way in helping our kababayans.

    (So it’s safer to really donate on the institutions you mentioned in your blog post).

    Sorry for airing this on your blog… but I believe (and I can really see) that you and Delle have the voice and medium to not just broadcast news but also do public service especially during this time when we need to do the modern bayanihan.

    Thanks in advance.

    Liezl Zey Gutierrez
    (Morning Rush fan and concern OFW from Singapore)

  11. I know we are all pissed off by this person’s insensitivity and arrogance but let’s not dwell on that any longer. Mabilis naman ang balik ng karma, naka-FedEx at UPS na, dadating na yun sa kanya. hehehe… 😛

    Let’s just pull our resources together to help out the typhoon victims in any which way we can, big and small deeds will come a long way to someone who’s in desperate need of help. Let’s show them how we can still be positive even if there are a lot of negativity around us.

    Despite all that’s been happening around us we should be proud to be PINOY here in the Philippines!

  12. she’s a friend of one of my good friends in dubai. her account was hacked and this is now under the investigation of the dubai police. the truth will come out sooner or later. and i agree, let’s help our friends and family rather than concentrate on one’s person comment which is irrelevant to what most of us can do.

  13. After I read her comment in FB, I was furious! I wanted to repost it, but I decided not to. I’m still worried about my family and friends so I’m not gonna waste my energy on hating her.

  14. i really don’t care about the hate that was generated by her inconsiderate comment .. all those hate and negative aura were all directed towards her so ok lang. Darating din karma nya, Law of Attraction ehehehe

  15. I’ve read chico’s blog first then JB’s post. I was angered, who wouldn’t be? Then i read d comments then gradually the anger turned to pity. What will her family feel? How does she feel at the receiving end of all these hate? JB’s (or d hacker’s) words are irresponsible (an understatement) but lashing out on her will not help all of those victims of Ondoy. She or whoever it was will have a day of reckoning. Meantime, we have a job to do.

  16. Finally, a breath of fresh air and sanity amidst all these comments about Jacque. Could not even ascertain if she indeed made that comment herself. Anyway, I wish many more will get the chance to read your comments…thanks for the post!

  17. hi chico, more than a reply, i hope you can re-post this letter from jacque as a new post on your website. a lot of people look up to you and believe on what you have to say. here is an open letter from jacque sent to her friends via her real facebook account. we hope to get the message across to clear her name. we know that we have to do more to help our kababayans but this false comment on facebook has literally destroyed her name. thanks chico. 🙂

    From: Facebook
    Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 1:11:32
    Subject: Jacqueline Bermejo sent you a message on Facebook…

    Jacqueline sent you a message.

    Subject: This is my real account please help disseminate

    I am issuing this statement to clear my name in the current controversy in which I allegedly posted a highly insensitive and offensive message on the social networking website, Facebook, in relation to the victims of typhoon Ondoy that recently struck parts of the Philippines.

    About two years ago, an anonymous source created these accounts using my identity, posting my personal details, my real pictures captioned roughly and attacking other people. Because of these incidents, I reported such abuses and sent my credentials to the administrators of such sites, particularly Facebook. I have been abused and am still being abused online in social networking websites such as Facebook, Friendster, Multiply etc.

    In the early stages, I was advised by close friends to ignore the situation, saying this would simply go away. Unfortunately, it has not stopped. Hence, I filed a complaint with the Dubai Police about eight months ago hoping they could help me with my problem. Should anyone wish to check my statement, my case is still under investigation with said authorities.

    Time passed and these sites continued to generate malicious, obscene and cruel messages that are widely exposed and relayed to the public under my name.

    Yesterday, September 27th 2009, I received phone calls from my close friends regarding very alarming posts in the above mentioned websites that directly offended flood victims as a result of typhoon Ondoy..

    These malicious statement(s) which are posted under account names Jacque or Jackie are not of my doing. It is unfortunate that such statements were maliciously attributed to me and I do sympathize and understand the adverse and somehow verbally violent reaction that has been elicited by such insensitive statements or posts. Rest assured, I have taken every legal step that can be done in this regard.

    I too, have become a victim as much as those who may have lost their lives and properties to such a devastating natural calamity. This recent controversy has greatly affected my reputation, my family, and my friends. I am devastated and shocked at the extent my character, my personal information and private space have been violated.

    I have a deep respect and regard for my country. I am proud to be a Filipino and would never say or do anything to harm the interest of my country or countrymen. I have also had the privilege of participating in civic-oriented activities in Dubai, particularly in trying to help my fellow countrymen seek employment during the height of mass layoffs brought about by the ongoing global financial crisis, as well as those seeking employment for the first time. Making a mockery of any unfortunate incidents befalling any of my fellow Filipinos is simply contrary to my character. I condemn the person or persons behind these malicious acts to impute damage on my integrity and I hope that you can dig deep into your hearts and minds to truly find the truth in all these.

  18. i searched for jb the net and the first website was ‘the gossiper’ where she made her official statement posted by as400 above. i think she’s telling the truth. stop harassing her guys…

  19. Hello Chico with Monster Radio RX 93.1. This is Michael with the USA band Stars Go Dim. We have had two #1 singles (for over a month each) on Monster BT 99.5 in Davao City. This is how we heard about you. Our single “Love Gone Mad” is currently #2 in Davao City. We have done an interview with them, made them a special video for listeners, and have been doing lots of giveaways. We would love to send you our music as well. The response from the Philippines on our Facebook page has been tremendous. Check it out- http://www.facebook.com/starsgodim. Please contact me at sgd@starsgodim.com. Also we would love to help with relieft personally and gather our fans to help. Please let us know the best way for us all to help. Thank you for your time. -Michael and SGD

  20. hi. i just wanna share that not only Jacque Bermejo is making fun of what’s happening in the Philippines right now. A certain UglyYubin on Twitter calls Filipinos “monkeys” and wishes all Filipinos would drown because Filipinos, according to her, are “monkeys” and monkey’s can’t swim. These people are getting on my nerves big time!!!!!!!!!

    Check what she said here:


  21. first time nakita ko yung comment, disgusted talaga ako… then I tried researching her name… isip ko kasi, “is there such people na kayang magcomment ng ganun kasakit while there are sufferings around her?” then, marami nga akong nakitang links… i saw his brother’s appeal na hindi raw totoo yun… and I want to believe that…

    hmmmmn… maniwala na lang tayo sa goodness… =) sana, hindi nga talaga totoo yun… kasi… kawawa naman ang soul nya =(

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