27 comments on “Typhoon Ondoy

  1. hi chico, i was about to go to work in UP diliman. i live here in pioneer in mandaluyong. left home at 10am….. it was alredy 3pm and the farthest i got myself was only to edsa- ortigas flyover. this is my first time i’ve xprienced getting stuck in traffic for that long. so i had to cancel work coz edsa- santolan area is unpassable even for buses and flood in katipunan was said to be waist deep. hopefuly everybody gets home safely

  2. im at work safe and sound but my family isn’t. we live in the mountains, it’s really unbelievable that the first floor of our house, as relayed to me by frantic phone calls, is underwater. our cars are underwater (one is brand new, f–k!). i can’t go home, and i will need to stay here overnight and work the same day. my family’s cellphones are dead. the landline is about to go out soon. ‘the day after tomorrow’ JUST GOT REAL.

  3. me and my office mates are all stuck in the office.. our parents adviced us to stay at the office since almost all the areas are flooded.. so sad! i just hope the rain would stop now.

  4. I work abroad and I’m worried about my parents…I tried calling but the line is always busy. I called my cousin to check how’s it going…and she said she already called my mom and checked if they’re ok. I’m glad they’re fine but I still want to hear my parents’ voice.

    My cousin said that they were asked to go home early because the house near the building where she works colapsed. I’m still at work, so I only rely on internet to check the news back home.

  5. Some friends have flood entering their hosues….one had his car submerged in flood water. Yes, this is the worst rainfall EVER! Naku Chico, wag ka na lumabas ng bahay mo! As what the NDCC Chief has said, “stay home & don’t clog the the roads!” 🙂

  6. it’s really terrible when you’re abroad and the people there in pinas have stopped texting and updating you on how they’re doing, and you can’t call them cos even residential phone lines are unreliable!

  7. Xavierville and Kamias were neck-deep in flood. I live in the Anonas area and surprisingly we were spared. Pag-asa claims that this is the highest recorded rainfall at 341 mm and only within 6 hours. The last record was 42 years ago at 334 mm but that was for a 24-hour period. Weather bureau chief says it’s climate change. No doubt about it.

  8. chico, you were much much luckier. we got stuck in mindanao avenue from 12 noon up to 5:30 when the other cars ahead of us decided to brave the flood. i did the same and almost paid dearly for it. the water was up to the exhaust of my car (a small car compared to the pick-ups and vans who dared to move) but since i had no choice i just had to make sure i didn’t release the accelerator one bit. luckily, i made it and finally got home at around 6:30. whew!!!

  9. Wheeww…what a day! I decided to go to a friend’s house somewhere in Carmona around 11am. I was there around 11.30am, and the rain started to fall without stopping. Luckily, the traffic in South Superhighway was not that bad yet (route from Sta Rosa to Carmona), but the visibility is almost just a few meters … When I arrived their house, that is when the rain really poured hard… we decided to look around the area, so we went to Carmona town proper – oh, my goodness, most of the creeks are almost overflowing and the current is really gushing … so we decided to head back home, eat our warm lunch and watch DVD (The Knowing). Around 3pm, we decided again to look around – WHEWW! The stretch going out of Carmona Exit to SouthSuperHway was clogged up – the flood going to Binan town proper was waist deep!! So, I decided to drop off my friend and headed back home.. I thought the way going out to South Superhway is much easier if I take the Mamplasan Exit, but,oh my goodness… it is stuck with a lot of motorist …so I decided to head back to Carmona Exit …wheeew, still stucked up …so I thought of using the old Timbao route. Actually, it is a less known route as it will end up to Gate 3 of Laguna Technopark and you need a sticker to pass through it … but, at this time, bec of the weather, the nice guards will let you in … wheewww…I made ti back to my home in Sta Rosa, minus the traffic and floodwater (the entire route was car-free, and flood-free…yiippee)/// So for those of you next time around the South SSHway going to Calamba or Sta Rosa is packed up, try using the Timbao/Langkiwa route. This is the small road going to Carmona towhprpoer — ask around where the Timbao road is and you will end up at Laguna Technopark, where there are easier route going to Sta Rosa, Cabuyao, or even to Calamba (via the scenic Nuvali/Greenfield Exit…

  10. umabot ang baha hanggang second floor. almost nabura kami sa mapa. most of us slept on the roof. no food. no shelter. everyone is shivering wet. a nearby building let some use their vacant rooms. hindi kami pumunta kasi baka manakawan kami. nakakaawa ung mga tindahan sa amin dahil pinasok tapos nagnakaw lang ng yosi at alak.

    it’s like we are starting from scratch. everyone is dead tired. late naman dumating ang rescue. nagsubside na ang water.

  11. I am in another country and my sister told me that water entered our house. This is the first time this has happened in over 20 years that we have lived in that house. My sister said the water went up to about knee high and my dad said his bed was floating in the water. My niece had to stay in another house since they couldn’t pick her up and my sister in law just stayed in her office. I am just glad though that nothing happened to them. My heart goes out to those who were badly affected.

  12. my dad only got home after being in traffic for more than 10 hours. since he had colleagues who hitched a ride with him, the route was Balintawak EDSA – SM North EDSA – Mindanao Avenue – Quirino Avenue – Seminary Road (just after Sauyo) which normally would take 1.5 hours tops.

    still, I am just grateful that nothing bad happened to him and to the rest of my family. my prayers go to all others who were affected by this tragedy.

  13. i live in marikina so we’re right smack in the middle of it. it is very normal for us to get flood on our street. the worst experience we have had so far is seepage inside our house which is easily remedied by piling old newspapers on the floor to sip the water. last saturday though, the water in our garage started going up and clear water were seeping hrough the corners. we lined up newspapers as we used to when suddenly, the gush of water coming in was getting stronger. the water on the street was about knee deep already and the waves were just terrible. my husband wasn’t home so i cannot decide for myself if i should brave the raging waters to bring my daughters to higher ground. my husband got stranded in a nearby block and he advised me against bringing my daughters out because the flood water was “shooting the rapids” strong. he thought it would be safer for us to stay put inside the house thinking the water inside wouldn’t go higher. around 10 minutes after water started coming in, my 9 y.o. shouted that the water coming in is already muddy and it was coming in strongly. without warning, it became thigh-high. i started panicking because the refs, bed and sofas were floating already. it’s a good thing, good samaritans in the form of burly neighbors volunteered to bring my daughters to higher ground (neighbor w/ 2-storey house). without thinking twice, i handed my daughters to them (9 and 3 y.o.) and we all braved the rampaging waist-high muddy water.

    we are all okay though. we went back to a very muddy house and it will take at least a week before things can get back to normal. most of our clothes are wet and muddy, same with bed sheets and towels. a lot of my books are destroyed. those are our only casualties (thank God).

  14. My Sister, Nephew, Dad and Cousin were stranded for a day after the family reunion back in Saturday. Stayed in one of our relatives in Pampanga, lucky break that we have relatives there too. Funny thing was, we were in front of the destination we needed to go, I volunteered to go out of the car but dad wouldn’t let me. We overshot the place and went back, and I said, I really should have went down.

    A few hours before, part of Mac Arthur Highway was impassable because of the flood waters raging and my sister and I tried to create a counter flow because one of the cars in front of us had a baby on the way already. That didn’t work out, so one of the concrete barriers had to be removed in order for us to actually pass.

    Still fixing the mess we came home to, when we got back Sunday evening…

  15. it was my first time to see the streets after Ondoy this morning.
    though anticipated ko na it will be floody here in Marikina because of the heavy rain, i didn’t expected it to be that way. grabe, everywhere i looked kaninang umaga, there were chairs, desks, sofa, and even bank records in the streets – all muddy and waiting to be dried.

    ang tindi talaga ng bagyong un! good thing mataas dito sa marikina heights kaya di kami masyadong apektado.

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