21 comments on “Weddings

  1. Chico, how much will your fee as a duo to host weddings, or even corporate events? I would like to have you as a contact person if in case the need comes to have someone like you and Delle to host weddings and corporate events.

  2. So romantic 😀 I wish my marriage would be that way. I know it won’t be smooth sailing always, but I know I want to marry my girlfriend, because I’ve known her for most of my college life and I love her a lot.

    Its not luck or destiny. Its deciding that you are in Love and fighting for it. 😀

  3. Ooooh she married for looove. How original. Well, don’t we all? Or at least, don’t we all claim to?

    Marrying at 40+. Good luck having kids. What am I saying? She’s probably so put together, so wonderful, and so content with who she is, that she probably doesn’t feel the need to have kids!

  4. i hope u had pictures! but i suppose it wouldn’t be possible with you also hosting the event. =D u narrated well chico! we miss you on twitter.

  5. hi chico. im a big fan of you and del and i would just ask how much do you charge to host a wedding? ill be getting married next year. thanks. more power to you and del.

  6. awwww….I really liked what she said. …you should marry for only one reason and that is LOVE. Hope my love story will turn up like that…:)

  7. that, is one of the winning arguments supporting waiting 🙂 cheers! can i quote you in my blog or at least link it to this entry?

  8. Wow. This entry made me tear up. I’d like to be like her and my future similar to hers. Nice. Thanks for sharing this.

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