17 comments on “Grand Gig w/ John Lloyd Cruz

  1. i love john lloyd! i love his movies! he’s gwapo talaga and what i like about him is he has clean nails. i saw him in person and starstruck talaga ako sa kanya

    and to delle, and ganda-ganda naman..
    si chico naman, cge na nga cute na ren. hahaha

  2. hi chico,

    Did JLC kept his promise that he’ll give Delle a kiss wherever she wishes? Si Delle walang mapagsidlan ng tuwa hehehe

  3. I was there last Friday in SM Manila and i saw how handsome John Lloyd is..pero ala siyang panama kay chico, so gorgeous..and delle is beautiful..

  4. pogee enough, fav sya ng friend kong boy,

    i miss morning rush, since ipinagbawal ang earphone at any sounds sa office.. sigh! =(

  5. i was riding a bus yesterday Chico, on my way home from a very important interview when I passed by Paragon Plaza.. and I remembered my dream of becoming a radio jock..haha!=) and then I remembered you. then I crazily pictured you riding on the same bus I was on and then I’d take pictures and autograph with you. haha…although i don’t think you’ll ride a bus..

    i’ve seen john lloyd in person too once when they had a taping for Betty La Fea at FEU-NRMF. he’s nice really..but just like every celebrity, always in a hurry. =)

    God bless Chico!=)

  6. Delle was so kinikilig. lol..
    Next time dapat hindi masyadong halata. Ang guwapo naman kasi ni Papa Lloydie. hehe..

  7. omg…kakakilig naman…binabasa ko pa lang blog mo…hahaha
    super kilig si Delle, hindi halata 😀 lalo na nung pinunasan ung pawis nya…hindi siguro nakatulog si Delle after nun..ahahahaha

    ang swerte naman nung girl!


    JLC have immaculate hands 🙂

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