20 comments on “Emo Alert!

  1. naku, baka nga mid-life crisis na ‘yan or baka naman you’re following miley cyrus on twitter and her emo-ness rubbed off.

    this is a bit OT but about twitter din. yesterday i started following julius babao and tintin bersola. they have lots of tweets about noynoy’s running for office. they are both anti-noynoy and julius even said that should he be asked, he definitely won’t endorse him. they are both pro-noli de castro. personally, i am apathetic, nakakahiya man i-admit. what bothers me is julius is a newscaster and in abs-cbn, those in the news group are prohibited from doing product endorsements. how different is that from political endorsement? of course one may argue that what he posts in his twitter is personal and he tweets in his personal time. but, his page is not restricted and anybody can read it and he’s not even hiding his identity. so for an outsider’s point of view, he is julius babao, a news reporter, endorsing noli de castro. in a media person’s life, the divide between what’s personal and professional is a big gray area especially if your personal thoughts are shared in a public medium.

    hay naku, pasensiya na if i’m boring you with this. umaandar lang my utak-HR. baka may policy-violation…hehehe.

  2. i don’t mine rants at all, it comforts me to think that I am not alone in the universe we called rut… Hehehe!

  3. hi chico, i dont believe in the ‘get over it’ and ‘others are much worse than me’ mental talk cause it doesnt work. the best is it will psyched you up for a while, but later on go back to the feeling/problem. the best i could think of is to accept the feeling, accept that you have it, accept the present, and love and frogive yourself through the process. it is telling something also. pardon for sounding oprah-ish, but it works for me. what you focus on expands and energy flows where attention goes. =)

  4. pahabol. chico, please check out wayne dyer’s movie ‘the shift’, from ambition to meaning. one of the things it discusses is about midlife crisis. =)

  5. i also feel the same emo-ness you are experiencing.. its like i just want to be aloof from everyone even from my family.. hey barakong sysad.. thanks for those words.. the ‘get over it’ and ‘others are much worse than me’ are not the phrases i want to hear… it doesnt help me..

  6. Hi Chico.When I saw your blog entry for today, I really don’t know what to feel. Somehow, I was glad (sorry, misery loves company:) to know that I was in the same boat with someone else and he’s somebody who’s very famous at that ha. Well come to think of it, maybe there’s many of us right now who’s in this same situation, “feeling emo”. But that doesn’t make feel any better. I was just thinking, was it because, its “ber” already and Christmas season is fast approaching and I’m still a member of SMP (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko).

    What worries me all the more, is that, every year I seem to pass through this “period of gloomy days (initially) and then it becomes weeks or so. But eventually, I get over it. But this year, it seems to be dragging into months. Was it because I’m getting older (late thirties)? Was it a midlife crisis?

    Well, whatever it is, I just hope that I’l get out of this melancholy right now ASAP. And that the experience would have made me a better / stronger person 🙂

    Hope that things or life will turn out well for all us who’s going through really tough times right now! Cheers!

  7. Hey Chico,

    Thanks for being true and not hiding who you are.We appreciate you more, feels like we’re there with you on your ups and downs. We can feel your true you on this blog…you are human, you are entitled to have emotions, and you musn’t apologize for it. At work, you have to put on a face, but here, on your blog, you have every right to be you.

    We all have our own battles. It’s not fair to beat yourself up and say it’s nothing compared to what other people are going through.

    I wish you will find your answers. I’ve been there, still there sometimes…but life has to go on..Good luck.

  8. Nice video. It’s kind of like Facebook where everyone seems to put up a “face” for all to see. Is that why it’s called Facebook? Hardly do you read something sad happening to anyone.

  9. i agree with barakong sysad about the “others are much worse than me” statement– it doesn’t work for me either. it is an unfair statement to make yourself feel better at the expense of other people’s misfortune. my teacher used say that it’s a selfish way of looking at things. it’s the same when saying, “ang suwerte ko pa nga kasi hindi ako *fill in the words here* di tulad ng iba.” everyone has his own cross to bear.

    so, chico– if you feel the blues, embrace it! only you can make yourself feel better. we may extend a hand but only you can lift yourself out of the rut. 🙂

  10. oh chico , i just can’t believe sometimes that even as popular as you who is
    surrounded by jolly gals and pals , is also experiencing gloomy times?
    You just bought an expensive gadget that perhaps you can use during your
    idle time (if there is) right? . Why don’t you try to indulge into something
    that is not expensive but can eliminate such sadness. . .

    In my case, reading your blogs , is another way of entertaining myself and
    it serves as a kit to survive a day.

    Have a happy weekend chico!!! i am always looking forward for your entries.

  11. hi chico…mixed emotions is what i had after reading your blog…johnluarca is a dear friend of mine..he was so excited to see his name in your very famous blog but..when i finally got the chance to read “d blog”..i felt the sadness deep down inside of me..john and i are ordinary people with ordinary lives…but though ordinary as we maybe, we feel the pain written in your extraordinary blog from your Extremely famous life…i pray that we all find the REAL PEOPLE behind the masquerade. it is easier to bear our daily problems with those who share their true images behind the masks. I am sure, you have friends without masks who are just a few tweets/txts away…take care chico..heads up,frown ,cry ,scream if you like…mid-life crisis or “emo”, many people are sad that you are in that state…sarap kaya maging emotera 😦 take care..mwah!

  12. Chico zai! wazzup man. just call me batneg, we met at your photo exhibit at the podium i thnk early this year, ako yung matagal kumausap sa iyo about photography na nakaglasses. Before i comment on your post, let me just applaud you for being a true professional in your work. I’m surprised that you feel this way inside, but whenever i listen to you guys every morning, there’s no sign of “emo” in you.

    Call it mid-life crisis, call it depression, i myself have gone thru what you are going thru, and realized you dont have to be in a certain age to experience something so unexplainably dragging you down. the only remedy for sadness is always the opposite – joy. I hope you find joy in your life, in your heart, in the people around you. I wrote about it several months ago.

    if you can find time in your busy schedule, you might want to check it out.arkimonski@wordpress.com. my article’s title is “kung ikaw ay masaya”. God bless you and Dellamar.

  13. Hi Chico
    I can somehow relate to your emo state.
    I’m kind of stuck in a rut for a few months now which doesn’t seem to end.
    I won’t share the details coz I know you have your own set of problems to think of.
    But you know what, as selfish and insensitive it seems, I feel a little better knowing that I’m not the only person who is going through some hardships at the moment.
    Sometimes I just wish that fate will bring problems other than the ones I’m bombarded with at the moment.
    i hope we both get through with our problems sooner…

  14. I Know right!!!hehe..seriously there’s a story here..trust me everything will turn out okay in the end..sometime being EMO is just an outlet to let go of some bad energy. The paranoia that any amount of happiness that you are feeling now will suddenly disappear in a snap of a finger.Its that pace that everyone goes through.I know coz i been on that road more than i should have been. Either you get over it or you don’t.But in the end its always your call. It’s okay to feel bad, after all were only just human. so if people sometimes tell you ang emo mo naman just simply tell them ” nagpapakatotoo lang ako sister” hehe 😛

  15. Maybe the week of 9-9-09 was cursed. I was also in emo mode last week. I find it better, more relaxing to cry than think positive. They say tears are heart’s words and maybe my heart and I just had a good conversation last week.

  16. Hey Chico!
    Kiss sabay hug lang ang solution dyan. Hehe.
    Could be the weather, imagining not seeing the sun in weeks. Hopefully OK ka na kasi the sun will be visible again at least in the next 2-3 days.
    Cheer up dude!

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