27 comments on “Ehrlichiosis

  1. Hi chico,i just ran in on your er,site?!Hehe..And though im not experiencing the hurt and burden you have right now,still my sympathies goes out to you and to your beloved pooch..Next time i pray,ill make sure to include cairo’s wellness on my list..Just hang on buddy chico,evrything’s gonna be fine..

  2. chico– that’s so sweet. i can totally relate.

    i join you in praying that cairo will get well sooner than later. hang in there!

  3. awww.. We`re very sorry to hear that Chico. Be strong for Cairo now and we`re sure he will make it! Your God is BIG! He will definitely hear your prayers! We`re praying for Cairo here in Japan! God Bless Chico!!

  4. i feel for you chico. im going to the vet tomorrow to give my dog a shot that was due last aug19..which i was delaying because of work. i hope cairo gets better soon and i will be praying for him.

  5. “I was warned that pets bought from a certain area are exposed to this specific disease because supposedly it’s widespread there.”

    I’ll just say out loud what Chico, for some reason, can’t or chooses not to — TIENDESITAS!

    There, you’ve been warned everybody.

  6. “Life’s a little easier with you around, so please stay on for a lot longer. Your Daddy needs you so much more than you need him.”
    That’s soooo sweet!
    Get well soon Cairo!

  7. awww. Get well soon Cairo! I’ll be praying for him. I would be as heart broken as you if that happened to cookie. 😦

  8. Chico… I recently went through the same emotional torture when my then 3-month-old shih-tzu got sick because of some toxic she inhaled. It was hell for her and for me and rest of my family. Every morning after my shift (I work at a call center), I would bring her to the vet and let her stay there until late afternoon. Daily dose of dextrose, several other injections, zero solid food, and a lot of vomiting — everything was just heartbreaking. It was on her third day at the vet when I had to go home and found myself crying really hard. All of a sudden, it felt so lonely.

    Now I thank the heavens for my Sachi’s better than ever. Prayers can do wonders.

    I know that God will look after your dear Cairo… He will.

  9. “People who belittle the love some people have for their animals just don’t understand.”

    So true. And I pity them somehow.

    Here’s praying for Cairo’s fast recovery.

  10. i understand… theyre not just dogs or pets to us, theyre family… I’ll pray for cairo…. be strong!

  11. our dog caught this disease two years ago but recovered. it recurred after a year and it was fatal. i know how it feels…

  12. my heart is broken as well… i couldnt imagine if our pet shamoo or sydney would have that condition. We’ll pray for you Cairo!!

  13. hi chico! i’m a veterinarian and cairo’s disease is very much in these days! a lot of patients are sick with this! i sympathize with you! i hope you and cairo are doing fine! hang in there, just follow your vets advise, okay?

  14. My heart broke after reading this. Being a Mom, I know how it really feels when your child is sick. It’s the worst feeling to experience specially when you see your baby everyday suffering. Don’t lose hope Chico, sounds cliche I know but I hope Cairo will have a long healthy life. Miracles happen you know!

  15. our basset hound got this disease a few months ago… he’s pretty much back to normal now, though of course we’re extra careful now 🙂 so don’t worry cairo will be alright 🙂 will still pray for him.

  16. so sorry to hear your dog’s sick… but here’s a happy thought:

    my dog got diagnosed with the same disease when he was barely 5 months. now he’s 2 and a half years old and healthy as a horse! .. weighs almost the same as one, too ^_^ really really hope cairo gets better, i know how hard this is for you, my dogs are my family, too.

  17. my ampao is in the vet clinic right now….suffering from the same sickness…i cried a lot this 3am in the morning coz i really wanted to rush him in the vet coz i know he’s in agony but obviously they’re still close i have to wait for 9am to have him looked by the veterinarian, 3am to 9am is really a torture for me and my baby ampao.just to learn that he has Ehrlichiosis .. hope cairo and ampao will recover very soon God bless them….

  18. my 9 months old rosy got the same disease…It was a hell for me to know she has this kind of disease, I wish she can recover by the dextrose and injections…hope cairo is doing fine now God bless…

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