36 comments on “Hachiko

  1. I’m a big sucker for dog stories…and they make me cry no matter what…this one…trailer pa lang I’m already crying!!! I can’t wait for the film to come out..isa pa I love all things Japanese kaya special treat ito…

  2. grabe, hachiko waited at the station ten years after his master’s death.. and they were only together for a year (according to wikipedia)! now THAT’s loyalty..

  3. Panalo si derek! special mention ni chico…haha… I cried when i saw the trailer from derek as well… I am hoping that this will be shown here in Manila…

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  5. thanks for sharing this, chico..

    wah, naiyak ako.. naalala ko tuloy ung aso ko dati na si bambam. he was also loyal to me, when he sees me cry, he used to rest his head on my lap or kiss me. 😦

  6. dog lover here as well. super touched ako sa story ni Hachiko. I have a 4 mo old shih tzu na super lambing. hehe 🙂 I’ll definitely watch this movie with my dog lover boyfriend. BTW i’ll share the site ng official trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaS37E3gKOU (noob in posting links so if d gumana copy-paste na lang sa address bar *peace*)..

    PS: naiyak ako sa trailer…this movie is a must-see..sana RX movie premier!! 🙂

  7. I remember you telling this story on air to Delle sometime ago & just the premise alone makes you wanna wail already like a baby. And now just reading the first line of your post, I am already crying & I haven’t seen the trailer yet. Such a magnificently sweet story to tell!

  8. The “hallmark running shot” made me laugh! Btw, I also have a dog who’s soo loyal I love her more than I love my bestfriend 🙂 Im scared of the day she will die… she’s now 11 years old…. Well I dont want to think about it! Really scared…. I’ll watch that movie for sure, will watch it alone so even if I feel like crying it’s not dyahe heheh….

  9. i officially hate you chico! i only watch the trailer now and I cried my mom saw me nakakahiya akala yung ex ko iniiyakan ko… wil definitely watch that alone

  10. meron ding version ng hachiko sa edinburgh, scotland. the dog, a terrier, never left his owner’s grave for 14 years til he died. meron din siyang monument.

    hay. i love dogs. i just don’t understand the people who don’t.

  11. Chico, u made me cry again. Naalala ko rin tuloy yung first dog ko…askal lang yun pero love ko yun ng sobra 😀 . I heard about Hachiko from a Japs idol while watching his TV show in youtube and they even showed the monument. It was just a few days ago. So I googled it to find if someone uploaded the Japanese movie…luckily I found one in veoh.com, it’s a DVD rip although LQ pero ok lang. I’ll definitely look forward to Hollywood’s remake, trailer pa lang naiyak na ko, pano pa kaya kung yung movie na…baka humagulgol na ko nun.

    Thanks for sharing Chico 😉

  12. I read that when I was little, at that time having a dog that grew up with me. So of course, I cried. Dogs being my weakness, I am tempted to not watch it because I know it’s gonna make me really sad. 😦

  13. hi chico..long time no eklat here in your blog..
    heniway…there’s another japanese film that involves a dog,ang titulo: 10 Promises to my Dog
    tek not kamuka cya ni tyro pramiz and another tek not nakakaiyak din to another pramiz, pero di ksing level ng hachiko since hango yun sa tunay na pangyayari, tao, pook and avratheng..

  14. wow. the third picture shows just how close Tyro was sleeping beside you. awwww.

    dogs are just adorable. 🙂

  15. Nice! I have to watch this! Thanks for sharing this, Chico. I am such a dog lover. I remember when our dog Sam died because of me. I was unaware that she followed me outside one time I left the house for school. It was too late for me to shoo her away to go home because she already got hit by a car. Was crying and sobbing really hard when I was digging her grave at our backyard. Sniff, sniff.

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  17. if you want another tear jerker dog movie, you should try catching the Korean film “Hearty Paws”. It features a labrador who looks exactly like Tyro. Be prepared to cry buckets though.

  18. I really love dog stories, I remember my fav cartoon when I was a kid, A Dog of Flanders, Nelo and Patras adventure.. but the dog died with his master inside the church after loosing a drawing competition.

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