17 comments on “USS George Washington (The Dinner)

  1. wow, id like to go there too… but i wish ambassador kristie kenney will invite me. hehehe… i like the part na nagthrow ka ng joke, i wanna know how did the guy respond on your joke and ofcourse you, hehehe. nice that u have been there and had taken photos of that…ummm ano na nga ulit yan, ship ba yan kamo? hehe…

  2. Re: Aircraft Elevator
    Wow! Parang naiwan yung tummy ko as I watched the elevator go down. Like the feeling that one gets when the ride you’re on makes a plunge. It IS exciting! Great experience for you! 🙂

  3. Bomber Moran? don’t worry Chico, natawa ako…ok lang yan. Bumenta ka sa akin. 😀

    BTW, ang cute nung guy na nakatayo malapit sa toilet…mala-Channing Tatum ang dating

    at wow! you’re really lucky to ride the aircraft elevator…sugoi! kainggit!

  4. huwaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . panaginip ko makatuntung sa isang aircraft carrier and see those tomcats, eagles, hornets and the likes. napakaswerte! did you get to be inside the bridge or the flight control? danggg, nakakaingget talaga!!!!!!

  5. aba chico, tight na kayo ni ambassador! pa-visa ka naman! visa! visa! 😉

    when you saw pacquiao, sana tinanong mo kung nag-hidden soldiers ba muna siya before attending the dinner with soldiers….hehehe, lame!

    hay, naku alagad mo na ‘ata ako sa ka-kornihan. i swear, i wasn’t corny before!

  6. Next time, if you have a chance to be catapulted(launched) aboard a jet, take it. You’ll never forget the adrenalin rush.

  7. wow! what I wouldn’t give just to hitch a ride aboard any ship like that (but ofcourse, it would be much much better to go aboard a carrier, wuhuuu!). you’re so lucky! I wish i can get as lucky as you. hehe… by the way, i really love your page and my office mates too (especially the top ten :D)keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. Chicoo-ooo-ooo! Hay naku, I don’t know how to write how it’s suppose to sound like. basta inggit ako! It’s nice taht you get to take some pics for us to see at kainggitan. Thanks for taking time sharing it with your fans and friends. so inggit!

  9. wow ganda nmn..sailor ako dian sa ship n yan..well rumor said that we might go back sometime next year..and im crossing fingers.. i wish bumalik nga kmi..too bad its only 4 days…but its all good..nakuwi kmi ng free..hehe…

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