42 comments on “USS George Washington (The Tour)

  1. whoa!!! sugoi! Chico you’re soooo lucky! I love watching war movies…and my mouth fell open when I saw these pix…so cool! my favorite pictures are the “eyes of the fleet” and F-18 Hornet view from behind.

    ang cute nga ni KC…hehehehe
    and Delle is so pretty, I like her off-shoulder top 😀 Please tell her that. 😉

    grabe ang swerte nyo! astig din nung pic mo of the flight deck from the bridge…kainggit naman.

  2. Chico! WOW! I’m jealous! I envy you guys! I bet it felt surreal? We were listening to your final broadcast from the USS GW via TDS while Mao was driving along Roxas Blvd. We drove straight to Manila Hotel area after our DFA appointment hoping to catch a glimpse of the Ship’s silhouette from Roxas Blvd. Sabi namin sige na kahit “silwetey” lang makita natin okay na.

    Good thing we had an idea of what a US Aircraft Carrier’s shape looks like so we know what to search for. We have a pic with the USS Ronald Reagan at the background while it was docked in San Diego. Panis naman compared sa mga kuha mo. 🙂 It was VAST as you would describe it. So I can kinda imagine the feeling. Swerte!

    We got a better view from MOA compared to any other area along Roxas Blvd., unfortunately we didn’t have a cam with us. Hay, even if only to take a tiny pic of it from afar ok na!

    We’d thought we’d see you guys boarding the ferry going back to MOA. Haha! Or better yet bump into you and Delle in MOA. We’d like to text you guys but we don’t have your cp number pala.

    Anyway, I think we’ll be forever jealous. 🙂

  3. ang guapo nga ni tanner and kc! my offer still stands. should either of them need help in achieving an “honorable discharge”, just tell them to holler! for them, kakamayin ko pa…yung pagawa ng clearance nila. hehehe….i’m HR and should one wants to leave a job, i know how he can make a graceful exit and that’s what i meant by honorable discharge. 😉

  4. waaaaw sobrang nakakainggit kayo chico! tagal ko na gusto makasakay sa aircraft carrier..
    i’ve ridden government planes and ships before pero sa local government lang heheheh!
    indi sa US 🙂

    cant wait for day 2.. post mo na agad please?

  5. Mouser was just effing with me when he said it was USS Ronald Reagan we saw docked in San Diego. Not funny! It was our friend’s idea to tell me that. She works in the US Navy so I took her word for it.

    All the while I was thinking wow I’m so lucky to see a SUPER CARRIER in real life. Well, it just made me more jealous of you guys.

  6. OMG !!! you take my breath away for that chico !!! so amazing !!! so huge , as if i am with you guys while reading this blog . . .
    thanks. i love it!!! really

  7. WoW! I am sooo jealous! Thank you for sharing your experience Chico parang andun na din kami (well, parang lang)I am proud that US Ambassador Kristie Kenney like you both & RX ofcourse.

    Pansin ko lang, anong mga dala ni Delle bakit parang pagka-dami ng laman ng kanyang pretty bag?! (Si Ma’am andaming excess baggage hehe!)

  8. Seeing these pictures you took, made me wonder why the heck I did not take any pictures then. I would visit my husband at work or bring him his food and i had to go up the stairs, cross the bridge into the hangar. Going through labyrinths of passages and steep stairs with a toddler while i was pregnant with my second baby then, I can’t believe my husband put me through that kind of work out!! When we reached his work station, we were practically 9 floors from the water level accdg to my husband. He said that spending years in the ship that big, you would not even meet everyone. It was HUUUUGGEE!! Back then, I was not impressed, I just thought, OMG, I have to go to that boat, AGAIN!?? Then I miss it.

  9. Ang taray talaga ng duo na ‘to. Friendly friends na talaga with Ambassador Kenney! Pwede ng ambassadors din siguro. Maigi di ka iniwan ni Delle sa dami ng gwapings don. ^ ^

  10. whoah! soo cool! i’d kill to be there…. i need this kid of adventure huhuhuh! bring me next time please!

  11. @chico

    you are very very lucky!!!

    MY God thats an aircraft carrier! You can win a war just by that gargantuan boat.
    by the way may kasama ba na destroyer yun carrier. As far as I know it is usually accompanied by one or two.


  12. Amazing, amazing photos…what an awesome experience for you and Delle! Iba na talaga pag malakas ka sa US Ambassador! woooot! Tama ba, RX lang ang Radio Station that was invited to see the USS George Washington? O di ba? NAKSSS naman! Love the photos…envied the experience…

  13. Naalala ko na naman yung pinadala mong message sakin nitong araw na ‘to… “Musta daw sabi ni amba. Jamming daw kayo minsan.” That really cracked me up!

  14. checking my bf’s ship and saw this clips from its last year’s visit..hopefully this year makita ko na ang USS GW…haysss.sabi he would invite me to see the ship…can’t wait.:)

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