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  1. you should try playing Mario Mini-Games. Some games there are quite easy. Also the Mario Kart. It’s like Crash, with special items that you can use against your opponents. 😉

  2. OMG we have the same taste in games. My husband has a PSP and the only games I play there are Luxor, 7 Wonders and Hot Brain. My daughter has a Nintendo DS and she has all sorts of Pokemon games that I cannot understand. She has Nintendogs too and I kinda liked it at first. I was told that Cooking Mama is very addictive. I refuse to try it coz I don’t want to get hooked.

    Do you play any of the farm games in FB? I’m a Farmtown addict coz it appeals to my OCD tendencies….hehehe. If you’re medyo OC, you might like those too. I’m not sure though if there are versions for Nintendo.

  3. Elite Beat Agents – think dance dance revolution but you tap with your stylus. it seems easy at first but it gets really challenging.

    Cooking Mama – you prepare Japanese dishes. you follow instructions that’s given. again, seems simple but not entirely. you get addicted to it because you want to get that gold medal all the time!

    Wario Ware – this is 5 second games. super fun. 🙂

    BEJEWELED!!!! – need i say more? 🙂

    oh, and buy a screen protector because you’ll be tapping a lot and you don’t want to risk scratching your screen.

  4. I just bought my Nintendo DS Lite over the weekend at Festival Mall (wow, so many people, it was a weekend sale pala). I was thinking of buying the DSi but the difference is only on the camera – I got my Canon camera, as well as those built-in camera on my phone, so what use will it? Again the price difference is quite big (~Php3K), I would rather save that to my Nintendo games. By the way, I bought the DS Lite with 30 games pre-installed and an R4 (not sure what this is for, but looks like it is the software to run the games – though not sure…) I’m enjoying playing Sims 2, very interesting …

    By the way, can the Gameboy Advance games be played in DS Lite? I read it on the manual, but not sure if there are other things which needs to be installed before you can use it.

  5. I hope you didn’t actually buy the original game carts, did you? If you’re storing games on a flashcart, I hope you didn’t pay for those games either.

    If you have a flashcart, you can download all the games you want and store it, for FREE, here: http://www.wiiso.com under the Forum:”Other Nintendo Console Downloads”, Sub-forum:”Nintendo DS Downloads”.

    For starters, you can never go wrong with New Super Mario Bros. if you like platform games, which I think you do. And for a totally DS experience, get Cooking Mama (a cooking game where you slice and dice), Nintendogs (a virtual dog in your DS) and Big Bang Mini (a fireworks game). These are games that can only happen in DS for reasons you will soon find out.

    • What’s a flashcart? Is this something pre-loaded on the DS Lite? And, how come it is free? I’m interested …

      • A flashcart is a cartridge in the shape and size of an original NDS game cart, but instead of a game, it houses a flash memory card that is specially pre-formatted, with a small software installed so the NDS can read it. The card usually has a capacity of 1gb-2gb or more and can contain several NDS game titles (as opposed to one cartridge per game).

        It fits like an NDS game cart in the NDS game slot (Slot 1?) and comes in brands like EDGE or Ace2Kard. If you bought your NDS with “pre-installed games”, this is where the games are stored.

        You can download games from the net (see link in my post above), transfer it to the flashcart and play it on your unit.

  6. yeah, i love 7 wonders.. 🙂
    try these games also:

    1) cross words DS –> obviously it’s a crossword puzzle 🙂
    2) professor layton and the curious village –> it’s a puzzle game… it asks you to go and talk to villagers and answer their puzzles. you’ll love these puzzles…
    3) cooking mama 1 & 2 –> lets you cook like in wii
    4) nintendogs –> you interactively play with a pet dog; you can train it to do tricks
    5) mario kart –> racing game with the cute chars of mario

    by the way, what flash card are you using? stupid me, i just updated my dsi firmware to v1.4u, now I cannot run my acekard2i (flash card).

    so, all dsi users out there using flash cards, DO NOT update your dsi firmware to v1.4u; this blocks ALL flash cards.

  7. hi, chico! gosh, i also got super hooked on luxor. i bought the game via popcap and loaded it in my mac. 🙂

    i also enjoyed bejewelled in my palm pilot. i do get to enjoy playing with it npw(with *exploding gems, too!) in my FB account. just look for Bejwelled Blitz.

    so in a way, i was able to save some few PHPs since i just play on FB: restaurant city, pet society, word challenge, etc… i love playfish games! 🙂

  8. hmmm.if you like racing, it’s mario kart. The mario mini games are addicitve too. Big brain academy (pero sasakit lalo ulo mo ,LOL) If yo might you’re into strat games/war games you might like Advance Wars. Now, kung ayaw mong agawin yung ds mo ng wife mo, don’t buy animal crossing.hehehe. Enjoy your new toy! I can’t wait to get the dsi myself.

  9. Hi chico,

    congrats on your new dsi! these are the games that i like to play using my niece’s DS lite.

    cake mania: customers order cake and you make them

    diner dash: group of people go to the restaurant and you serve them

    sally salon/sally spa: clients have their hair done,mani,pedi,eyebrow plucked,face mask,permed,colored etc. if the client smiled on a certain style that’s the one that you’ll choose.

    enjoy! hi to delle

  10. 7 wonders is so addicting… i can stay up late at night, even til early morning just playing that game… 🙂

  11. Wow…the 2 games that I AM CURRENTLY PLAYING! Kahit tapos ko na, inuulit ko pa rin… Master ko na nga eh 🙂 . After playing all those RPGs, Tekkens, Dragon Ballssss etc… babalik rin pala ako sa simple.. hehe.

  12. Try Rhythm Heaven! You only tap to the beat of the music.

    There’s also Mario Kart DS and Cooking Mama.

    Nintendogs will be fun but the longer you play it, the more boring it gets.

    You should do this on air. TOP TEN BEST DS GAMES. 😀

  13. hi chico, would like to know how much is the nintendo dsi. because i checked in a store in singapore and it costs around 9k. thanks and enjoy your new toy!! =)

  14. I suggest to check Scribblenauts, due next month. It’s a really good and creative puzzle game. You have to solve the puzzles by typing a word. And that word will come to life in that stage.

    For example, a cat is in the roof. You have to get her safely on the ground. What do you use? If you type a ladder, a ladder will appear and you can reach her. But you can try all sorts of things like helicopter, rocket launcher (this will blow the house up), etc. Anything you can think of! Pretty neat!

  15. 1.) Cooking Mama (1 and 2) <- I always feel hungry when I play this. XD

    2.) Professor Layton and the Curious Village <- For the puzzle fans. 😀 Plus, professor Layton has a British accent! 😉

    3.) Elite Beat Agents <- Features songs like YMCA, You're the Inspiration, Survivor, etc.!

    4.) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney <- One of my favorites. You play as a defense lawyer and you'll just love all of the characters.

    5.) Rhythm Heaven <- Awesome game. The only commands are to tap and flick with the music. 😀 (There was a commercial of Beyonce playing this. Haha)

    6.) Mario Party DS <- Of course, a DS isn't a DS unless you have a Mario-based game. 😉

    I LOVE all of these games, and I hope you will too! Congrats on your new DSi. Hope you love it. 😀

  16. best game for me is rhythm heaven. and you don’t need the buttons for this game. just flick and tap.

    you may want to check these games: pokemon (lol!) and super mario bros ds (talk about a really HUGE super mario).

  17. We love playing zookeepers, brain age, elite beat agents 1 and there’s a Japanese version also of this game (I heard Elite Beat 2 is also about to be released). 🙂

  18. old school game? bomberman!!

    other games mentioned above are really good, like elite beat agents which i played two times around already and cooking mama which never fails to entertain “borrowers” of the DS. but if you want to try something very simple, no complicated steps, and more into intellectual strategy than dexterity, try Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. it’s a lawyer game, you solve cases and such.

    also i dont know if you’re fmiliar with the PC game, but the DS has a mystery case files version for it.


  19. Try Professor Layton both curious village and the part 2, diabolical box… ^^

    I was also addicted to the Phoenix Wright series. Must try yun… ^^

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