13 comments on “Lady Gaga

  1. “The show was replete with nudity, expletives, and even simulated sex acts.”

    gone are the days when music was pure music.


  2. hi chico.

    i watched her din dito sa singapore. and she said the same thing! hehe ^^ though i know mas masaya sa pinas!!!

    grabe dito… mostly pinoys ang dance ng dance while the locals were just taking pics and videos…so boring! hehe =)

    • well, the locals are really boooring! So I guess, mas gusto nya ang pinoy audience.
      But I didn’t get to see her concert.

      “Pu-pu-pu-pusoy dos, pu-pu-pusoy dos…” ang kulet mo Chico! 😀

  3. Haller, everybody knows you got free tickets to this concert. Hmmm, makes me wonder (as it should any thinking person) — How much of the approval you so gushingly express here is genuinely because of the performance or because you just want to genuinely say thank you to the promoters who gave you tix? Integrity Chico, integrity.

  4. it was a great show! i haven’t heard of anyone who went and complained after. 🙂 i agree with you on lady gaga’s and the crowd’s energy! it was surreal how everyone went crazy each time she made small talk. as for the weird pauses — you might want to view this clip. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeUYZ1gMVCQ) it’s the long intro to pokerface. right before she confessed about crying, it seemed to me that she got overwhelmed and she paused and kissed the crowd instead of singing. it got me thinking that maybe those other times when she acted weirdly (going off in the middle of a song), those were the times she choked up. or maybe i’m just over-analyzing. hehehe. i don’t know. basta i love her and i loved the concert!

  5. why mention christina aguilera? aguilera have her own league when it comes to music. I bet you havent seen christinas concert or any performance.

  6. “She seemed to me more a strung-out rock star than a pop act.”

    My sentiments exactly. I used to write her off as a typical pop act until I saw her live performance at Glastonbury. It was really amazing and actually made me like her music and respect her a lot.

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