13 comments on “The Best And The Rest 166

  1. winner! i couldnt stop laughing. i can almost imagine how you delivered these knock knock jokes on air without cracking midway. malamang kung nakikinig ako noong mga panahon na yon may bubbles na lumabas sa ilong ko. i give this 10 LOL stars!!!

  2. mas maganda pa rin pag ikaw nagdeliver chico!! especially the malaki, malago & the memo..

    this is one of them top ten podcasts, i listen to everytime..

  3. chico ano ba ung address ng blog ni del?kawawa nman sya lagi kong naririnig sa inyo na sau lang madalas na nabibisita…hahaha kasi ako rin ung sau lang nabibisita ko,^_^ dont worry del bibisita ako sa blog mo pag binigay sakin ni chico ung address hahaha

  4. got to stop myself from laughing, and even smiling, while reading this one ’cause i’m at our school’s e-library..other students might stare at me..i’ll just keep this to myself til i get home.. 😀

  5. chico, have you posted the top ten invented jokes?? napa-tambling ako kakatawa dun! that one is saved on my phone..

  6. When I listened to your show and this one was your topic, it really made my whole week. If there was LSS (last song syndrome), this would probably be the equivalent of that among all your topics. I still can recall the autoload joke, and even the rihanna song.haha!
    Love you C&D!

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