24 comments on “Me Want Gadgets!

  1. The DSi is tempting… pero hindi! love ko pa rin ang PSP ko!

    But Nikon’s Coolpix is even more tempting! Balitaan mo ko pag bibili ka ha, sasama ako at makiki-usisa.

    • The S1000pj will be available in mid September with pricing to be announced at launch –CNET Asia.

      *sigh* baka wala na kong kainin nito. 😉 pero astig ang features!

      • thanks malditangjen!

        sana pasok sa budget ko… ^^ though my sister said ano naman daw gagawin ko sa projector… hehe


  2. Wow chix!!!! im not into any of those gadget stuff but it sheer nice looking at it in a whole new perspective..the kid in me is shouting I WANT THOSE NICE SLEEK LOOKING THING!!!!!!!! 😛

  3. I am very depressed lately so I just ordered myself a DSi, shopping for gadgets is e temporary relief. Chico, if you’re gonna buy a DSi, you should also buy that thingie that will make it read games from a micro SD. The thing is not that expensive, just about CAD$32. So you don’t have to buy those expensive games, you just download it from the internet, free! It is what we call sharing! LOL
    Here’s the site if you guys want to know more about it: http://www.r4i-sdhc.com/indexe.asp
    Here’s the store where i ordered it, i believe they their main office in HK. http://www.veebuy.com

  4. i searched for the price..the DSi costs about 10K and CoolPix costs about 22K (both in Ph.peso).. DSi is love at first sight. <3<3<3

    but i pray for D10. 😀

  5. go for the DSi! at least, it’s not as expensive as the camera so puedeng mag-impulse buy now na. hahaha! if you buy the nikon now, i’m sure you will still end up buying the G10. Right? 🙂 flash to 2-8 months from now: your last 2 purchases were both cameras, you’re sad that you have boring phone games pa rin– so, you’d still itch for the DSi!

    warning: once you buy the G10 (not lumix?)– you’d be using it more often na than your DSLR cameras. ;-p

  6. Hi. For sure Chico, you deserve everything you want because you work hard for it. And I mean that in the most sincere way. However, if you’re having doubts about buying more stuff and thereby rendering your other stuff redundant, maybe it will help if you will watch The Story of Stuff on You Tube. Then decide if the gadgets are really something you seriously and truly must have. Cheers!

  7. Chico,

    Both those gadgets are all very nice, i myself have a DS and i am loving it.
    But as one photographer to another, you already have enough cameras. Simply, one is enough.

    If I may play devils advocate, Why dont you just get a nice little wacom tablet to support your Photography.

    Solo, out.

  8. OMG-SMS (Oh my god susmaryosep) Chico! Gusto mo rin ng DSi! DS pwns PSP!!! Bago lang din ako nagka-DS, pero swear addicting. That thingie Tony H was talking about is R4 (or Edge). May packages na kasama na rin ‘yan. Pero separately, it costs P1,200.

    Go buy a DSi! At dahil alam kong geek ka, etong game para sayo! Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Nakakabaliw ang puzzles.

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