23 comments on “Aftermath

  1. re: arroyo typo: thoughts turning into words.

    re: jamby. WTF?! these gimmicks are only targeted for the gullible crowd. unfortunately, we have a big one. there goes our slow crawl from 86…

  2. omg. That was a ROLF moment for me. Buhay na pero sa alaala ng masa patay na si Arroyo. It only shows much about what our hearts are wishing for.

    to those who were giving away stuff DURING A FUNERAL OF A NATIONAL HERO, much to say about how thick you can lay it on. ANG KAPAL! I still remember when they were supposed to be the NEW BLOOD for this generation’s governance. It shows how they uundermine the intelligence of the Filipino people. I could only hope that we remember that the freedom we are taking for granted right now has been bought for with blood. With Cory’s passing, we should be reminded of this.

  3. wala na silang pinipili ngayon. I still hope na makakakuha tayo ng pinuno na kagaya ni Cory. but seriously, that hope starts to deteriorate…

  4. Ang dami talagang nalito sa Aquino at Arroyo, nakakatuwa nga eh. Kainis kasi si Arroyo, di man lang um-attend ng libing. Wala siya sa position niya if not for the freedom Cory fought for.

    But OMG Jamby did that?!? So cheap!!!

    • Arroyo went to the funeral and stayed there for 10 mins. Kudos to Noynoy for being so civil with her.

      And I’m disgusted with those politicians who are trying to campaign themselves in such a solemn event. It’s as if they’re not respecting the late president with what they did (campaigning).

    • When Kris was interviewed on whether they would allow Arroyo to visit (I think this was after BongBong and Imee Marcos) she said, why not, if they can see that she was sincere? I think that says it aptly.

  5. arroyo typo: excited ata yan! anticipating! haha

    jamby: like i said, desperation is soo unappealing…parang yung nasa pic sa bracelet lang! 😀

    • errr. ako rin.
      kung ndi ko nabasang jamby ung nakalagay,
      ndi ko maiisip na si jamby un.
      grabe, 10000000 years ago pa nung kinuha ung picture na un.

  6. There is a time and a place for everything. But this person is too much!! Sana lang, they don’t continue to use this to get some airtime.

  7. oh yes, ilang ulit kong narinig at nakita sa tv ang mga salitang ” mga labi ni pres. arroyo” instead of pres. aquino…pati pala sa dyaryo meron din, at hindi naman kinorek ng ed-in-chief yun? haha! LOL! ROLF!

    @jamby madrigal–why did you use the funeral of such an honorable woman for your own personal agenda? what a cheap move! and you were one of the few people that were able to come close and make “alay” flowers for tita cory before her niche was sealed??? you are disgusting!

  8. This is not true, because there could be absolutely ZERO chance that Arroyo will have her wake in the Manila Cathedral. But if she dies, well, good riddance.

  9. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog 🙂

    And BTW, I sooooooo agree with you. That cheap stunt by Jamby is disgusting. I keep thinking, after seeing the outpouring of love and admiration for President Aquino, don’t the other politicians wish that their legacy would be the same? But at the rate they’re going, no one will mourn their passing.

  10. my parents and i waited for the cortege to pass under skyway, and there were a lot of president wannabe’s passing by shaking the hands of people. i find it disgusting that EDUCATED people and ASPIRING LEADERS like them take advantage of President Aquino’s death for their own gain.

  11. actually there are many mistakes of the captions on news. like military … are now ready to welcome president arroyo. my friend took a photo of that but she didn’t publish it.. 😀

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