6 comments on “The Music Of A Revolution

  1. whenever I hear the Handog ng Pilipino song and Lea Salonga’s version of Bayan Ko from yesterday’s final farewell to President Cory, it gave me goosebumps.

    Pwede ba ma-request during Monster’s riot yang mga kanta na yan?

  2. On music: I agree that the ’86 revolution was the most musical and it carried on long after the the revolution. After the numerous coup attempts during her presidency, OPM singers were requested by President Cory to go around the camps to sing songs (harana) to the military, to let them know that yes, the newly-installed democratic government hears them. That’s according to Mitch Valdez.

    On leaders: Voting is the most important political exercise one can take. That is why I urge everyone to go REGISTER and VOTE. Comelec offices are open Mondays-Saturdays.

  3. I agree, 23 years is way too short in the history of nations. For all intentions purposes, we, as a people, should really look at the EDSA 1 as our true independence and should count years from there. Not the dummy date of June 12, nor that of July 4. It was on that day in February of 86 that we EARNED our independence as a unified people. It was not granted to us, nor did we simply just declare it. We fought for it with one hand on the rosary, and the other with our brother. That is when we really gained our independence as a nation.

    So yes, 23 years, its a short span of time. On the other hand, look at what we have done in the 23 years that has passed? Wouldn’t you say we’ve come a long long way? Yes we may not be like the developed countries of the west but remember that europeans have a long history behind them. Even the United States, it took 100+ years, expanding from ocean to ocean, 2 world wars and millions of lives to be catapulted to that position of global power where everyone hates you. Us? We can’t even get anyone to concede in any election.

    As the snobby snooty french would say, any land country less than 200 years old is hardly worth noting at all. And we, as a 23 year old nation is very much notable in any field.

  4. tito sotto composed MAGKAISA while jim paredes composed HANDOG… it was another part of the TVJ – APO rivalry that was so heated since the late 70s…

    i’ll never give up hope on us Filipinos…ninoy and cory never did, even if at several points, we seem to have forgotten their importance, message, and cause…

  5. I remember 2 friends recently debating heatedly as to whether they thought the EDSA revolution was a success. One said it was a success because it was able to oust President Marcos, which was the primary objective of the revolution. Another was of the opinion that the revolution was NOT a success because, yes, we were able to oust Marcos, but the main goal of the revolution was change. And fast forward 20 years, and where are we now? It seems like change has not been implemented and we are still the same laid back Pinoys who take things as they come.

    For me? I can see both their points. I wish the revolution HAD implemented changes and changed the way Filipinos thought and acted to give all of us a reason to be proud of being Pinoys, and not simply Pinoys who have to laud people who go out of the country to work simply because the country cannot sustain our needs. I wish the country would develop inhouse talent and let these talents lead the way to change and sustainability, even in other countries.

    But as it is right now, sad as it is to say, I am one of those people not happy with the country and with every intentions of leaving and making my life elsewhere, not just for work, but permanently.

  6. Those days of Feb 1986 was one of the scariest for me, and I would say formost Filipinos. When we saw the fighter planes…ano guerra na ba? Saan kami magtatago? Saan kami pupunta? Everytime the military tanks drove by…hindi namin alam kung mananakit sila o hindi. Puro dasal talaga ang nangyari. May oras na masaya, may oras na nakakatakot.

    I remember that on the 2nd night, most of us wished…guerra na kung guerra! Baka yun nga ang dapat na mangyari. Hirap naman na eh. Cory then was heard asking the people to keep praying.

    When it was announced that the Marcoses fled! Hay Salamat!

    It’s sad that after that momentous day of Philippine history (the day I became proud of my race)…tsk…laging umpisa. Walang follow through. One day millionaire style…one song wonder.

    Former President Aquino was truly a beckon of hope for me then.

    Thank you for sharing this…it brought back proud moments.

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