8 comments on “The Best And The Rest 163

  1. listening to the Top Ten in the morning almost always makes my day. when i ride with my sister, she tunes in on Morning Rush, too. and when i reach the office, I have an officemate who listens to your show through her celfone.

    thanks to you and Delamar for the smiles even on gloomy days.

    ( o di bolahan moment yan ha! LOL)

  2. you’re right Chico. Somehow, sadness enveloped me of President Cory’s necrological services today and the final farewell tomorrow. Then add with the recent death in our family, it’s difficult to be genuinely happy. Oh well, this’ll soon pass.

  3. about cory:
    i really wanna watch the necrological service for her..napanood ko yung konti(as in konting konti) sa news kagabi at inpernes napaiyak ako..

  4. napanood ko kanina yung mass sa TFC pero di ko natapos kc may pasok ako. Pero kagabi naiyak na ko habang nanonood. Tama ka, yung mga friends ko ang gloomy din ng mood =(

    but…#6,7 and 8 made me smile
    kinilig ako sa #9 =) (babaw ko no?)

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