67 comments on “Jose Rizal On Facebook

  1. i dont see anything either but i think what i shared on facebook is similar to this…is this from noypi.com?

  2. ^Or, must have used the image link inside yahoo mail as the source url for download in wordpress. Try saving it first in your hard drive Chico then upload that file to wordpress.

    But if we all can’t see anything, how come astroboy can. Hmmmm.

  3. Melchora to Rizal: Update mo photo album mo pag nasa Dapitan ka na!
    Rizal: Sure. Catch nyo rin updates ko sa acct ko sa Tiriritter.com

  4. this is so funny! where did your friend find this? can i search this sa FB? i want to be his friend…hehehe.

  5. . . . im trying to search in FB now, gusto kong i add si jose rizal sa friends ko, pero di ko mahanap e . . . how can i add him?

  6. this is sooo funny!!! i’m from dapitan and trulily, may mga jetskis na nga doon ngayon hahaha.

    • agree!!! i’m from dapitan too, pero sa kahirapan ng pilipinas ngayon, puro trike lang yung available para sa baha. wahaha!

  7. harharhar…ang galing pala ni A.Mabini mag gay lingo 😀

    yung pix ni Juan Luna kahawing ni Pacquiao 😉

  8. chico, bat putol? may mga nakakatawang portions pa dun sa kanan e. Yung advertisements. Natawa ako dun sa “Padre Damaso: Become a Fan – No Friends are Fans”

  9. lmoa. to think that maria clara and sisa are just plain characters in rizal’s novels yet, they were able to make a their own account! haha…

  10. Haha. Buti hindi sinabi ni Apo Mabini…Kalurkey!!!

    LOL at… Rizal to Josephine Bracken: Be, kahit marami akong sinasabihan ng “I love you” ikaw lang ang mahal ko. Mwah! Adik!

  11. LOL na LOL tlga! :)) my sisters and I enjoyed reading it. we’re all on facebook so i`m trying to find the accounts involved. 😀 just to get a laugh. 🙂

  12. Hi. Off topic. I came across this on the web. And I vaguely remembered a letter sender in your regular column (I am not even sure if I read it in your column. Sorry if I am mistaken. Lol)in The Manila Bulletin. Sounds suspiciously the same?

    Dear Prudence,
    I am a 26-year-old, happily married woman with a lot of friends and acquaintances. In high school and college, I was angry and depressed, and cut and burned myself out of self loathing. My scars are mostly on my arms and thighs and usually are hidden by clothes. However, when my scars show, it inevitably leads to someone asking how I got them. I don’t want to lie, but when I try changing the subject, it often comes up again, and saying something dismissive seems to create more curiosity. I’ve responded, “I’d prefer not to talk about it,” but that tends to make people give me weird looks and avoid me. I am not ashamed, per se, of overcoming depression, but I don’t think it is most people’s business, and some people act differently around me when they hear about my past mental illness. Most of my friends know that I don’t like to talk about the scars, but I meet new people almost weekly. Is there an easy way to defuse the situation? Can I ever wear short sleeves again?
    —Scarred and Awkward

    Dear Scarred,
    I spoke to Janis Whitlock, director of the Cornell Research Program on Self Injurious Behavior, about your situation, and she had advice for two different approaches. Certainly, you have no obligation to open up about this if you don’t want to. Confidently say in response to questions, “That’s a personal story I’m not comfortable sharing. Thanks for understanding,” then change the subject. They may remain curious, but you’ve answered politely and closed the subject. But Whitlock also said that if it’s someone you know, you might want to consider telling the truth. You can explain, “I was a very unhappy adolescent and I hurt myself. Fortunately, that’s in the past and I have a wonderful life now.” She says most people will have probably guessed and that your manner will convey to them that you are at ease with this subject. She adds that you should expect to hear a lot of confessions about others’—or their loved ones’—similar trials and pain. Whitlock says often people who have hurt themselves are not only physically scarred but carry a scarring sense of shame. Being able to discuss this—within the parameters that feel right to you—will help you let go of that and be proud of how far you’ve come.

  13. Ganda naman, sana pwd i access mga albums nila…. Like EB ng mga katipuneros..mga Rizal’s date with JB.

  14. love it so much!!!! hahahahaha. kakatawa. super duper! ika nga ni Bob Ong, kapag sinabihan ka ng SUPER DUPER Thank you….gaanong Thank you daw un? hahahahaha.

  15. Ok din cguro kung may version kung pano sila magusap nuon.ung mga malalalim na tagalog or spanish…feeling ko comical din un. hehe

  16. Somebody sent me this on email. Hehe. Eyelovet!!!

    On a more ponderous note, why do we always associate Sisa as this mentally deranged woman, when in fact before she became that, she was a patient wife, a devoted mother, a religious woman and an industrious farm worker? And she just became deranged when everything fell apart? Who would NOT go mental after losing 2 sons — one beaten to death and the other jailed despite being a minor — losing your farm, abandoned by a de facto husband and accused of treason, among other forms of emotional and physical torture? I would be more than deranged if that happened to me.

    Nuff now. =)

  17. funny yung part ng Propagandista, “new blog post”, yung plurk-generated post,
    meaning plurk pa ginamit niya para ma-post yun. thanks chico!

  18. sisa isa bitch rocks! eyeloveet!:D does this fb acct really exist? i want to find it! makikipag-friends ako kay sisa! 😀

  19. sayang but i think they’r network is exclusively for them only. but i hope we could view them all. HAHA

    stress free na uli! 😀 thanks chico and to your friend.
    -bigfan of yours! 😀

  20. hahaha… may point nga naman… astig!!! baka si rizal marunong na din magsalita ng F.U. hahahha

  21. This really made my day — and I shared this to my officemates. I found GLJ’s post “propagandista has updated his blog” so fitting!

    It would be nice though if this was an actual page because I found myself mentally reviewing the names and the characters in Noli Me Tangere 🙂 This is a refreshing way to review our history 🙂

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