27 comments on “7 Lakes (The Kids)

  1. you take very nice pictures. kuhang kuha ang emotions. as for the last pic, he looks sad but not heartbreaking sad. Just you wait till he smiles 🙂

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t you think all that blabbering in between pictures is unnecessary and takes away the momentum of the pics?

    And can’t you post pics without so much enhancements? The more enhancements, the less natural it feels and the more it puts the photographers photographing (as opposed to photoshopping) skills in question. The batch with the cats was particularly egregious.

    Not being a bitch about this. Just thought you might want some feedback.

  3. Kid running with a knife in hand – very very very bad idea!

    Naked kid with bright red ball – I thought his balls were inflamed, haha.

  4. i like the 6th and the last photo.

    uy binago mo pala yung banner mo chico…kala ko mata ko lang yung may problema. nagtaka ko bakit mamula-mula yung screwpine. tapos pag scroll down ko may isa pang red na ball…harhar

  5. napaka natural ng kuha. try nyo rin chico sa maapon falls ng lucban Quezon it is in the middle of the forest i think.

  6. The boy’s facial expression is indeed unforgettable. But he doesn’t look sad to me, parang timid lang. Napaka-expressive ng eyes niya.

    What caught my attention among the photos you have posted here is the 6th photo. The boy looks like he is in a murky water or parang melted metal hehehe

  7. Hi Chico,

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    happy browsing!

  8. Don’t know where to put this, dito na lang. Something right up your alley Chico.

    Whitney Houston’s first single “I look to you” (written by R.Kelly) online for a free listen and free download:


    I’m not a fan, but it sounds fantastic. Blow you away it will.

  9. Hi Chico!!

    Nice pictures… am a silent rusher haha been listening since i was 18… now am 26…

    you’re so funny! i like you and Delle as well…

    pls. greet me haha just wanna hear my name sa radio… babaw ko noh? haha thanks


  10. Asus Finally daw, naghahantay pa pala ng kakampi…

    Sorry if I sounded bitchy, but I didn’t mean to. It’s just an opinion, something from a different viewpoint. Thought Chico might want feedback other than the *oooh* and the *aahhh* and the occasional *…sigh* You know, like the fairy story about that king person and his new threads.

  11. Well, Feedback is good. Maybe its just how you delivered it. You say you’re not being a bitch about it but after reading it.. it was a FeedBitch. So maybe next time you give feedback to whomever about whatever you should try to come from a space of compassion so the receiver would really remember your point of view because they would feel the sincerity of your feedback.

    I had to google “egregious”..it means pangit lang pala!:D

    Goodnight Guys!!!

  12. Well ayagirl, I had to google feedbitch. Anyway, I’ll try to show a little bit more compassion. But my “feedbitch” is sincere. Some people might even say it’s VALID.

    I wouldn’t worry about the manner of delivery too much though. If a receiver is truly, sincerely receptive to feedback, I’m sure he or she would be big enough to get past the tone, to understand that it’s nothing personal, and to consider the feedback for what it is. Besides, I think the peanut gallery here needs a bitch it can slap around every now and then.

    Right, unstrung?

  13. Chico! Uh-oh! MJ in the making? Hahaha! Just kidding! Pasali sa group hug. Hindi natin bati yung isa. Hahaha! How very ma-cherrr! (as in “mature”, kunsakaling may slow)

    Peace! :p

  14. chico ang gaganda ng shots mo! lalu na yung mga cats? how do you do these shots sa lake na parang ang high contrasts? processed ba yun or sa camera mo. i’m using a nikon d40 and i’m not very happy bout it. haha. Maybe next time pag may shoot ka pwede mag assist sayo? hihihih…

  15. Very nice shots! You captured the emotions of the subject, which is the kids. May I know the type of SLR you’re using? Settings you used?

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